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ONE RUN IS NEVER ENOUGH! issue 16 #getyourkittogether

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CONTENTS Where did 2021 go? We’re still not quite 100% back to how we were pre-covid but we’re definitely nearer than we were this time last year. Hopefully (she crosses LITERALLY everything) 2022 will see us all back out there enjoying what we love to do the most. So, what’s in store for you in this issue? For starters, we have 2 brilliant opportunities for you to win some race tickets. Some for you big people and some for your little people too. See details of those in our ’Top Picks’. We’ve a brand new ‘Inspo’ page which I’m sure you’ll agree deserves a tonne of credit for all of her hard work. If you’d like to be the face of the next one, send us your stories to [email protected] Also, exciting things are coming from Kitbrix, they’re not just about bags you know. What else? Well, I don’t want to give too much more away. You’ll have to take a look yourself. Be sure to check out the diary dates though, supplied to us by @ocrbuddy you’ll need to get those all important dates on the calendar. Much love. Donna – Editor Editor – Donna Jenner-Hall 07730 252228 • [email protected] Publisher – Martin Hall 07824 552116 • [email protected] Obstacle Mud Runner is a freely distributed publication across the UK. Contributing Editors opinions expressed within Obstacle Mud Runner Magazine are not necessarily those of the Publishers. Obstacle Mud Runner Magazine accept no responsibility for those comments. No part of the publication may be produced without prior permission from Obstacle Mud Runner magazine. © 2022 Obstacle Mud Runner Magazine. Write to us at: OMR, 11 Hurst Way, Sevenoaks, Kent. TN13 1QN WHY NOT SUBSCRIBE TO ENSURE YOU GET NOTIFIED AS SOON AS IT’S PUBLISHED. Go to www.obstaclemudrunner.co.uk and click SUBSCRIBE. Obstacle Mud Runner Magazine Share Obstacle Mud Runner This magazine isn’t just for you lot, but for your friends too. Forward our link onto a friend, it might just be what they’re missing in life. 14 TOP PICKS 6 RECIPE Chilli Choclate Chicken 7 KIT 8: New KitBrix Poncho 9: inov8 - Supercharge your feet 10: Can kit help you avoid a DNF 13: Canon IVY does OCR 16: Be seen getting fit in the gloom 18 SHOP FROM HOME 19: A selection of ‘must haves’ 22 RACES 23: Inspo - This is Me! 24: Quarry Events – but not as you know them 26: A slice of pie! 28: HYROX – What is it and what it takes 31: Race Dates issue 16 *By entering our competitions, you agree for your details to be shared with the Race Director of the event you have entered. Details will not be passed on to any other 3rd party. Follow us on Social Media: OMRmagazine @omrmagazine @omrmagazine Please send your stories, race reviews to [email protected] we might feature them 3 Obstacle Mud Runner is proud to be sponsored by: EDITOR’S COMMENT Editor’s word ONE RUN IS NEVER ENOUGH! issue 16 #getyourkittogether #getyourkittogether

4 KitBrix Poncho The KitBrix Poncho was the idea of one of our many wonderful customers. The shell is made from 100% recycled plastic bottles and it comes in a fully recyclable craft bag. The interior fleece is light and quick dry so that it can be used multiple times quickly. The outer shell is wipe clean and very light. The front hand protectors also have a hidden zipped pocket for valuables, so you don’t worry about losing keys, cards or cash. The details are additions added and tested while consultation and field analysis took place. TOP PICKS IT’S COMPETITION TIME Your little darlings aged 4-12 can win 2 tickets to The Little Welly Obstacle Course and Festival. Choose either Sevenoaks on 14/15th May 2022 or Henley on 11/12th June and enjoy 3/5km of fun and obstacles. This isn’t just a run for your little ones, this is a fun day out for the whole family with food and drink available, entertainment and activities for all. All you need to do to enter is sign up to the WILD TRIBE newsletter which you can do via this link. https://thelittlewelly.co.uk/newsletter/ Don’t forget to tell us you’ve done it so we can choose a winner. You can tell us by simply emailing: donna@ obstaclemudrunner.co.uk and putting THE LITTLE WELLY as the subject or enter via our Facebook page when the competition goes live on the 17th January. Fancy going ‘Commando’? Ok I’ll rephrase that, I meant do you fancy doing Commando Series? Set in the stunning grounds of Hever Castle, this race is simply like no other and if you’ve done it before you’ll understand why you need to do it again and again. We’re running a competition online via our Facebook page which will give you the chance to win 2 tickets. The competition will go live on the 20th January so WATCH THIS SPACE on Facebook. For more info or to book your tickets anyway go to www.commandoseries.co.uk you can always gift your winnings to friends and share the love a little further. Mystic Star 3mmWetsuit glove 2021 An easy ‘on/off’ glove perfect for Obstacle Course racing. These 3mm mittens are open palm making it easier to grip without compromising warmth. They feature Mystics Fox Fleece thermal lining with a quik dry feature, 3mm neoprene and flatlock stitching. Priced at just £26.95 and available from OFFERING SUPERB OUTDOO ACTIVITIES ALL YEAR ROUND DO IT FOR YOU OR FOR CHARITY THE ULTIMATE UK MUD RUN NEXT RUN 4TH & 5TH www.wetsuitcentre.co.uk If you are interested in purchasing a KitBrix poncho please visit kitbrix.com and use code OMR15 to get 15% off at checkout. https://www.facebook.com/ omrmagazine https://www.facebook.com/omrmagazine

5 TOP PICKS Remember back in the day when STEP was all the rage? Well it’s back with a HIIT makeover. HIITSTEP are looking for new instructors to join the team and learn the HIITSTEP way. If you think this could be for you then follow the link here, fill in the details on the website and we’ll be in touch. www.hiitstep.com If instructing isn’t your thing but you’re interested in taking part then you can join the On demand platform here: www.thehiitcompany.vhx.tv

6 Chilli Chocolate Chicken This is Kate Percy’s take on a Mexican mole, a deeply-flavoured casserole which uses dark chocolate to thicken and enrich the sauce. The traditional dish uses a huge array of ingredients and varieties of chilli; this streamlined version certainly doesn’t skimp on flavour but does involve much less shopping! Dark, sweet, spicy, and packed with antioxidants to supercharge energy levels and strengthen the immune system. Soak up the juices with quinoa, couscous or mash! Chocolate in a chilli? Oh yes! FUEL : RECIPE Prep 10 mins | Cook 70 mins | Serves 4 Ingredients n 2 dried chillies (or to taste) n 50g raisins n 8 free-range bone-in chicken thighs or legs n salt and freshly ground black pepper n 2 tbsp coconut or sunflower oil n 2 onions, peeled and finely sliced n 1 cinnamon stick n 2 tsp each ground coriander and ground cumin n ¼ tsp ground cloves n 3 garlic cloves, peeled and crushed n 1 heaped tbsp peanut, cashew or almond butter n 1 tsp chilli paste (optional) n zest of ½ an orange n 400g can of chopped tomatoes n 500ml chicken stock n 25g dark chocolate (at least 70% cocoa solids) n juice of one lime n 25g fresh coriander, roughly chopped, n Soured cream and lime wedges to serve Method 1 Put the chillies and raisins in a small bowl, cover with boiling water and leave for 10 minutes, then blend, or bash with a pestle and mortar to a smooth paste. Season the chicken. Heat 1 tbsp oil in a flameproof casserole dish and brown the chicken, turning frequently to seal all over. Remove and set aside. Add another tbsp oil to the casserole and sauté the onions until soft and translucent. Stir in the cinnamon stick, coriander, cumin and cloves and cook for 1 minute. Return the chicken to the casserole and take off the heat. 2 Add this to the casserole with the garlic, nut butter, chilli paste, if using, orange zest and tomatoes. Pour in enough stock to cover everything. Return the casserole to the heat and bring to the boil. Cover, reduce to a simmer, and cook for 45 minutes or until the sauce is thick and the chicken is cooked through. 3 Add the chocolate and continue to cook, uncovered, on a low heat for another 15 minutes. If the sauce is too thick, add more stock or water. 4 Stir in the lime juice and check for seasoning. Sprinkle with coriander and serve with a dollop of soured cream and lime wedges. NUTRITION PER SERVING • Energy 388kcal • Protein 26g • Carbs 25g • Sugars 21g • Fat 21g • Saturates 7g • Salt 1.4g • Fibre 4g Watch Kate Percy Cooking

14 KIT> > > > >

Our range of unique products, designed and tested in the lab as well as in the field have continued to assist competitors with their training goals and race day successes. You will know, if you use a KitBrix, that protecting and separating kit after an event as well as storage is a very simple and effective process. However, during some unplanned down time we put a lot of time and effort into ‘new product development’. Some of the ideas that are currently in testing: 1 The KitBrix double bag, designed to fit larger items rather than more items. 2 Race gloves, designed with obstacle racing in mind, providing vital grip and durability. 3 The KitBrix trolley bag, born from the need to take a lot of kit on long journeys. Some of you will know that our latest product is the KitBrix Poncho – the idea of one of our wonderful customers. During a casual conversation they asked what we offer to keep our customers warm before and after training and competing? Our reply was something like, “We don’t make that sort of thing, we are all about preparation, organisation and protection, of you and your kit.” Then we thought, “Why can’t we make something like that?” So some 16 design changes, 5 prototypes, around 96 hours of field testing, weeks of admin, over 64 hours of meetings (we did document these), a ton of photo shoots and an unmeasurable amount of coffee chats later, we finally had the finished item. The KitBrix Poncho was born. We did scratch our collective heads in an attempt to come up with a jazzy or funky name for the poncho but to no avail – but if anyone has a better idea, don’t be shy please feel free to get in touch – we are always listening. Some of the key features of the Kitbrix poncho: n The shell is made from 100% recycled plastic bottles and it comes in a fully recyclable craft bag. n The interior fleece is light and quick dry so that it can be used multiple times quickly. The outer shell is wipe clean and very light. The front hand protectors also have a hidden zipped pocket for valuables. n The details are additions added and tested while consultation and field analysis took place. The final product also had to fit some basic criteria: a BE FUNCTIONAL Keep the wearer dry (water-proof), Get and keep them warm, easy to put on and take off, easy to clean (machine washable) and durable. b ECO FRIENDLY The whole shell is made from recycled plastics. They are delivered in a strong craft paper bag and there is no plastic lining. c VALUE FOR MONEY With our RRP set at £89.95 we believe that not only is the poncho great value for money it is also much more affordable than similar products. A carefully thought out addition to KitBrix We feel that we are doing a good job helping you organise, protect and prepare yourself before a training session and all of those races you guys love to do 14 38 KIT : PONCHO 8 If you are interested in purchasing a KitBrix poncho please visit kitbrix.com and use code OMR15 to get 15% off at checkout. We hope that the KitBrix poncho is as successful as the KitBrix bag, the Pokit and the CityBrix.

inov-8 has launched the ROCFLY™ G 390, the world’s first-ever hiking boot with a Graphene-enhanced foam, which it says will “supercharge feet.” The brand has moved quickly to meet the needs of the growing trends in long-distance hiking, multiday trail walking and thru-hiking, with a lightweight, breathable boot that delivers endless cushioning and bounce. Discovered in 2004 by scientists from The University of Manchester, Graphene is the strongest – yet also the thinnest – material in the world. By infusing it into their G-FLY™ foam, inov-8 is promising a revolutionary underfoot experience that allows hikers to feel fresher for longer. Amongst its many testers has been inov-8 ambassador James Forrest, who recently used the ROCFLY™ G 390 boots to set a new record time for a solo and self-supported hike of Great Britain’s National Three Peaks. The 37-year-old scaled the highest mountains in Scotland (Ben Nevis), England (Scafell Pike) and Wales (Snowdon) – plus all the miles in between them – on a 500-mile adventure that took him just 16 days, 15 hours and 39 minutes. inov-8 first used Graphene in 2018 when launching GRAPHENE-GRIP™ rubber on the outsoles of its hiking, running and fitness shoes. Sales of its footwear featuring the tough-gripping wonder-rubber have surged globally over the last three years. Earlier this year the brand first launched G-FLY™ Graphene foam – which delivers 25% greater energy return – when debuting it on the award-winning TRAILFLY™ ULTRA G 300 MAX trail running shoe. inov-8 founder Wayne Edy, whose UK Lake District based company remain the only one in the world able to use Graphene in sports and hiking footwear, said: “We continue to carve our own trails, daring to be different from the rest and leading the way with innovation. The ROCFLY™ G 390 is our latest example of that, delivering world-first technologies in a boot that will help hikers feel fresher for longer and supercharge their feet for endless adventure.” G-FLY™ foam is not the only patent-pending technology used by inov-8 on the ROCFLY™ G 390, with GRAPHENE-GRIP™ and ADAPTER-FLEX™ also included. The latter is a cleverly positioned 10mm underfoot groove that allows the feet to adapt, react and mould to uneven terrain with agility. Wayne added: “I’m immensely proud of the huge team effort behind this new boot. We’ve worked incredibly hard with The University of Manchester and leading footwear industry veteran Doug Sheridan in developing new innovations – something we plan to supercharge even further in 2022 and beyond.” The ROCFLY™ G 390, weighs 390g and has a 6mm drop (heel to toe differential), is available now. RRP £175. Learn more at www.inov-8.com/ rocfly-g-390-lightweight-hiking-boot 9 Supercharge your feet in the ‘off’ season As races start to dwindle for winter, if you’ve ever fancied climbing a mountain or want to go for a great hike in one of our many areas of natural beauty around the world, now is the time to scratch that itch and do it. FOOTWEAR : INOV-8 James, who holds multiple other long-distance hiking records, said: “The foam is amazingly springy and cushioned, almost propelling you forward with good rebound and energy return. The rubber is ultra grippy and the upper gives out-of-the-box comfort. Being non-waterproof, they dry really quickly and breathe well too – my preferred approach.”

10 How can you avoid a DNF and why it is just a learning process? In 2012 as I ascended a steep and narrow track, at about 7k during a 20k trail race, I stepped on a slippery rock and turned my ankle. The result lead to an achievement that I never imagined would happen; my first DNF (did not finish). At the time, in the moment of the accident, I was more concerned with the fact that I wouldn’t get to the finish line and pick up a medal, than I was about the damage to my ankle. In addition I tried desperately hard to camouflage the damaged ego that I hid away from other competitors and avoided running conversations for a few weeks. Nearly ten years later I still have a weak ankle. At home, with my feet up and an ice pack rested gently on my swollen ankle I was feeling sorry for myself. The standard and maybe expected questions ran through my mind; could I have prevented the injury? Will I heal in time for my next event? Is it such a big deal? Will I recover enough to be as quick? In addition, I had some of the symptoms of competitor avoidance, such as not checking the results, avoiding Facebook (which was the running hub at the time) and having a personal grudge with my running kit. My trail shoes didn’t get cleaned for weeks! I was clearly not the first person to get injured at an event and not the first person to get a DNF for being injured. I remember saying “well at least I didn’t finish due to an injury.” This is a pretty silly thing to say. Why should it matter that I got a DNF, the most important thing was surely the ankle. But I also thought that achieving a DNF due to injury is the only good reason to receive a DNF. If I was unprepared, not fit, poor choice of kit or I just didn’t feel it, they would all be poor reasons to DNF, wouldn’t they? Two main things came out of the experience; 1. I learnt to be better prepared before and during events 2. I learnt to enjoy racing more (losing out can do that). Also, I gained a fascination around DNF results. The reasons why they happen and how best to avoid them. In 2019 we did some research. We took 103 events, a mix of road, trail, long distance and ultra-distance to see if there were any clear patterns. It became clear that to find true patterns you really need to look deeper. KIT : BE PREPARED Adam from the KitBrix Sales and Partnership Team gives us his insght – [email protected]

Here are just some examples: n Road races, 51,722 competitors, 884 DNF, equals 1.7%. Gender mix, Male 1.77% and Female 1.6%. Doing some very limited research we believe that the gender difference was likely to be that the males were more prone to race when they might not be as fit as they need to be. Road races tend to have less injury (as a %) DNFs than trail. n Trail races, 17,454 competitors, 1647 DNF, equals 9.43%. Gender mix, Male 9.8% and Female 7.65%. The total competitor split between male and female is very heavily male leaning. n Ultra-racing (50k plus), 9633 competitors, 1418 DNF, equals 14.72%, Male 15.63% and Female 11.21%. n Winter events, 9933 competitors, 342 DNF = 3.4% n Summer events, 11,661 Competitors, 718 DNF = 6.15% (surprise) The purpose of the exercise has nothing to do with gender however it does give some interesting results. What really fascinates me is how individuals can achieve a lower DNF? Some of the questions we asked when we attended three events (OCR, trail and road half) Q How long have you trained for this event? Q How many events do you do per year? Q How important is your kit to you? Q Are you here to compete or complete? Q Do you eat before an event? I won’t issue all the answers as they don’t figure alongside any of the data, nevertheless it seems right to point out that the greater number (over 70%) trained for the event and an even higher number were looking to complete rather than compete. I think that the fascinating figure is the 30% (ish) who didn’t train for the event. At a hasty guess (we didn’t ask) the majority didn’t train because they race frequently (that was me for about 6 years) or/ and train as part of their everyday lives. Over 50% of people (none OCR) didn’t feel that their kit was that significant toward the outcome of their race. I guarantee that a selection would have DNF’d due to poor kit choice. At the OCR event, kit importance was very high close to 90% of those that we spoke with. Taking into account the nature of OCR racing and the variety of obstacles it would be unexpected for an experienced runner not to take their kit selection very seriously. In a similar way, it would be difficult to imagine a tri-athlete casually choosing the kit they need for a race. Since my first DNF in 2012 I have achieved 4 more, all of which were injuries, one being a nasty one during an OCR that took 6 months to recover from. During muddy and wet conditions I slipped from a challenging rig and landed full weight onto my thigh. Race over and a visit to a warm and cosy hospital followed. However I fully believe that I would have more space on my medal rack if I hadn’t learnt lessons from my 2012 experience and the training and race journeys that followed. Quite simply it is about prep and planning! Train right, recover right and plan ahead. Simple examples: Have the right kit. I wear strong grip shoes for muddy races. It might seem obvious but I see many people in shoes that are not right for the terrain. I have trainers for all terrains. I also clean them, make sure they are race ready. I normally take two pairs with me but it can get expensive. The same goes with all my kit. My socks, my top half (I don’t want to be too hot or too cold). Glasses, hat, buff, watch, belt, shorts and most importantly (if required) my pack for hydration and nutrition. I used to get blisters, but I don’t anymore, I haven’t for years. I tape my feet on the hot spots and I wear the right socks and trainers. Many people get blisters and 11 KIT : BE PREPARED

12 plenty of competitors DNF due to them. I get my kit together 2-3 days before an event. I know the terrain, the parking, the start time and start line. Are there water stations, toilets, chip timing, compulsory kit etc. It not only gives me physiological space to concentrate on the race but it helps me race. I include first aid, gloves, spare clothing and something warm for before and after. I will not DNF due to bad kit preparation. Diet. I know we are all very different and that our food and fluid intake will vary but we all need to manage it. Running out of energy or being dehydrated are very common reasons for not finishing an event. Apart from 4 multi day races, I have never been hungry during an event. That includes 100k and 100 mile races. With the multi day races I made a mistake on two separate occasions but I was able to learn from both and correct for the next time. Depending on the event I will eat 2.5 hours prior to an event. I have also taught myself to eat while moving (for the ultradistances). The mixture of my diet gives me the protein, carbs and enjoyment I need. I won’t drink any water up to an hour prior to an event as I always need to pee, however I fully hydrate, using salt supplements days before and on race morning. Nothing too strong just a Dioralyte or salt tablet (dependent on humidity). Being aware of what food and hydration is available at the events that you compete at is also a simple but important task. How many aid stations are there and where are they situated? It would be very easy to write pages and pages about training for events and how the right training will not only give the best chance of finishing the race in a great time but will also give you a better chance of crossing that finish arch but I won’t. I won’t because there are enough articles much wider and more dedicated to training, instead I will offer some experience I have that has enabled me to keep going when stopping seemed my best option. The physiological angle is perhaps the most important area to help avoid a DNF. One trick I use is to play a memory game. For example, once during a long race when I approached the moment of dark thoughts, I attempted to remember the names of all my school mates from my junior school and the teachers, the design and layout of the buildings. I had planned this like I plan similar exercises for similar races. When I start down this path I lose myself enough to eat up lots of distance. It offers me time by getting my head focused somewhere else and it enables me to reset my thinking. Before I know it 5k is behind me and I am back in the game. I also write notes to myself so when I am struggling I can read them and get back on track. Some examples; ‘make yourself proud’ ‘you are stronger than this’ ‘remember this moment.’ A few years ago my wife and children wrote some notes and dropped them into my pocket without me knowing. When I found them I received an emotional energy boost like no other. By far the most effective trick I have isn’t a trick at all, it is just basic experience. I know that I will have dark moments, I have had them before, I know that I will get past them as I have done before. I embrace them and I look forward to them as no matter how difficult they can seem I know that I have the ability to overcome them. To date I have not DNF’d due to anything but an injury. I will continue to work hard to make sure that is always the case. Everyone can reduce the odds of a DNF if they prepare, plan and stay positive. Good luck out there and happy running. #Keepyourkittogether Adam KitBrix Sales and partnership team KIT : BE PREPARED

13 Canon IVY does OCR Could this be the solution to capturing you and your muddy friends at your best? Those laugh out loud moments where you wish a photographer had been there to capture it. We put this Canon IVY REC Outdoor Activity Camera to the test on a Spartan Race. Weighing just 90g and being 110.5 x 45.2 x 18.5 mm in size means it fitted perfectly into the little zip up pocket of my running leggings. Once out on course I simply clipped it on and off a front strap meaning I was completely handsfree when I needed to be. The clip itself is totally hassle free and is very cleverly also the viewfinder. Turning the camera on is a quick turn of the dial and its simple point and click process really couldn’t be any easier and means it’s ready to use as soon as you are. The ‘no-screen’ meant I didn’t worry about causing any damage to it. I knew the device was described as ‘shockproof’, so it really was going to be tested to the max on an obstacle course race. The Canon IVY REC is also waterproof up to 2m meaning it coped brilliantly with the 2 water crossings I took it for a swim through. Its battery life is approx. 1000 images or 60 mins of video recording before recharging. More than adequate for the race I did. Its clever ‘Auto-power off’ feature also meant that if I did forget to turn it off it would do so after 3/5/10 mins depending on the feature selected on the app. It also has a self-timer meaning you can be the subject of your own photo’s. It cleverly stores all your images and videos on a memory card. MicroSD / MicroSDHC / MicroSDXC (class 10 or above is recommended up to 256GB) which are all easily transferred to your device via Bluetooth or using the Canon app. Compatible OS iOS 11 or above, Android 5.1 or above, Windows 7 / 8 / 8.1 / 10 Mac OS X 10.10-10.14 As for picture quality, it has a bright f/2.2 lens, and the quality far exceeded my expectations for a camera so compact. High quality 13MP CMOS sensor ensures photos have great colour but if videos are more your thing, then Full HD 1920 x 1080 video at 60P captures a perfect memory of your adventures in outstanding quality. I wouldn’t hesitate to take this camera out on course again. It’s fun AND affordable. Available from www.cartridgeking.co.uk for £89.00 saving over £40 off the RRP. KIT : CAMERA

SAY HI TO YOUR NEW BEST FRIEND The Canon IVY REC is shockproof**, waterproof* and simple to use. Wear it on your belt or bag and take it anywhere. There’s no screen to crack. The clip doubles as a viewfinder. This outdoor camera is packed with features. The Canon IVY REC is an affordable and fun clip-on Full HD and 13MP activity camera made to go anywhere. Designed for fun outdoor activities, capture your adventures with the Canon IVY REC. This screen-less camera is waterproof*, shockproof**, wireless and wearable, inspiring both confidence and fun! Plus, with no screen to worry about damaging, you’re free to concentrate on what truly matters: enjoying the moment. Once you’re done shooting, use the Canon Mini Cam App to effortlessly transfer images and footage wirelessly to your smartphone. Available in four must-have colours – blue, pink, green and grey – the Canon IVY REC will blend seamlessly with your active lifestyle. www.cartridgeking.co.uk Email: [email protected]

Benefits n You can use the Canon IVY REC to go anywhere. A shockproof** and waterproof* design means it’s ideal for photos and movies on the go. Just turn the dial and click to take a photo or video n Built to withstand knocks and scrapes, the Canon IVY REC is shockproof** and will take approx. 1000 photos or 60mins of 1080p 60fps video on a single charge thanks to a built-in Li-Ion 660mAh (3.8V) rechargeable battery n With no screen to worry about cracking, the Canon IVY REC is lightweight, weighing just 90g, and thanks to a tripod socket on its base you can position it anywhere you like n Designed to be clipped on to a belt or a backpack with a clip that doubles as a viewfinder, the Canon IVY REC can cheerfully accompany you anywhere and is ready to work the moment you press the shutter button n With a fixed, bright f/2.2 lens offering a 78-degree angle-of-view, the Canon IVY REC can pack in lots of detail allowing you to capture as much of your adventures as possible n A high quality 13MP CMOS sensor ensures your photos are full of detail and clarity with low noise and great colour n Capture great quality footage thanks to Full HD 1920 x 1080 video at 60P and make great movies from your adventures, saving them to microSD/microSDHC/microSDXC card (sold separately) n The Canon IVY REC pairs with the Canon Mini Cam App***, so you can use your compatible smartphone as a live, wireless viewfinder and wirelessly transfer your photos and videos to share them with the world * Waterproof up to 30 min. at a depth of 2m or 6.6 ft. Tested in freshwater only. If exposed to non-freshwater, rinsing immediately with freshwater is recommended. ** Shockproof up to 6.6 ft./2m. The shock resistant testing methods are unique to this product and do not guarantee against damage or malfunction of the product. *** Use of the optional Canon Mini Cam app requires compatible device to be connected to the Canon IVY REC via Bluetooth® and Wi-Fi®. The Canon Mini Cam app is available for free on the App Store and at Google Play. Data charges may apply with the download of the free Canon Mini Cam app. Compatible with mobile devices running iOS 11 or later, and Android devices running Android 5.1 or later.

38 KIT : DBS 16 Winter is coming… but don’t let the darker months dim your training or love of running The new trio of reflective leggings, LS top and mid-layer jacket from Designed by Sports are created to keep you shining bright this winter, whatever your outdoor activity. Designed by women for women, each piece sports clever reflective graphics that become easily visible to approaching traffic and give added peace of mind whether you’re out after dark. As well as helping to keep you safe and visible, the collection offers flattering comfort to suit all shapes and sizes, performance and wicking fabrics as well as handy pockets for small essentials such as phones. Kit you’ll really want to be seen in… https://www.instagram.com/designedbysports/ DBS Starlight Leggings £41.99 DBS Purple Rain leggings £41.99 designedbysports.co.uk Bright Ideas from Designed By Sports DBS Turquoise Starlight Top £31.99 DBS Be Safe Been Seen Jacket £58.99 (mid-layer with hood and glow dot design)

We bring together inspirational speakers, the latest kit, cutting-edge technology, expert coaches, the best races and a host of tasty nutrition products all under one roof. This is the biggest community meet-up of the year and perfectly timed for runners that are training for events in the Spring. SPEAKERS INCLUDE: The National Running Show is a home for runners, no matter how far or fast you go Get your FREE TICKETS now with the code OBSTACLE at www.nationalrunningshow.com DEREK REDMOND JENNI FALCONER LORD SEBASTIAN COE CH, KBE JONNIE PEACOCK MBE SCOTT JUREK CARLA MOLINARO SUSIE CHAN IWAN THOMAS FEATURES INCLUDE • The Inspiration Stage • The Running Skills Theatre • The Run Clinic • The Ultra Zone • The Trail Running Zone, • Steve Cram’s Training Camp • The Chillout Zone and • The Fuel My Run -Live Kitchen. PROUDLY SPONSORED BY

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Hi, I’m Sam, I work full time as a Cardiac Physiologist, I’m a mum of 2 and this is my story so far. I never thought I’d ever be able to do anything as I was overweight. I used to get frustrated because I was slow so what was the point? I’d watch in awe at the women in my age group giving their everything and seeing the very ladies who inspire me up on the podium. I had resigned myself to mainly volunteering and accepted that was probably my place in OCR. I didn’t want to embarrass myself out on course. The very real fact and a harsh realisation was - the only thing stopping me was me! I know that’s such a cliché, but it wasn’t until May 2019 when I had my ‘lightbulb’ moment that it actually sunk in. Something in my mindset changed and I suddenly realised I wasn’t prepared to NOT at least TRY. I knew that if I REALLY wanted change then I had to stop making excuses and work hard for it. Someone mentioned in conversation that I should do Europe’s Toughest Mudder. I laughed out loud – I could possibly do two 5-mile laps if I was lucky! But, as it was pointed out, what does it matter to anyone if I did only do two laps? It was recommended that if I thought I could achieve 2 laps then I should aim for 3. I committed and signed up. Eek!! I started training and booked other events to help me prepare and I committed to going to the gym. Each event I took part in helped me to grow that bit more in confidence. Time was ticking by, I had lost four stone, started running full race weekends and focused on getting past my fears – and obstacles. I fully realise I could not have done any of it without some brilliantly supportive people around me. I now know there is no shame in asking for help on obstacles, or asking for advice on technique, nutrition, or kit. With each race I grew and pushed myself more and more. At ETM, I smashed my aim of 15 miles, covering 25 miles in total – a HUGE achievement for me. I reflected on each of my experiences to help me identify my weaknesses, so I knew what I needed to work on. I joined a running club and asked people for advice on obstacle technique. I reaslised I was staying within my comfort zone instead of pushing to see what I could achieve. At the end of the 2021 season, I entered the Spartan Trifecta weekend in Wales to really see how much my training had progressed. Instead of walking the course... I ran! It was an incredible weekend and I’m proud of how much I have achieved. My winter will now consist of continued training and setting some goals for next year. I suppose the moral of this story is… If you want something, you need to believe in yourself and make it happen. Easier said than done – so my approach was to choose a goal, break it down, ask for help and slowly build up. Never let anyone tell you that you can’t because you can. You CAN achieve if you believe. AND if I can, then you can. My aim one day is to be on the start line alongside the very women that have inspired me. This may take some time, but I hope my experience might just inspire someone else to give this sport a try. This is my journey, I’m 45 years old and this is just the beginning! This is me Do you ever wish you could do something but don’t think you will ever be good enough? That was me. For years I used to dream about being fit enough to actually be able to run an obstacle course race. But it was always just that... a dream. 23 RACE : INSIGHT

24 QUARRY It’s back! But not as you know it This is Quarry Events – Over the past year we have been very busy digging, designing, building and testing an incredible obstacle course, just for YOU. Throughout the 25-acre site we have created a variety of obstacles, including rope swings over mud ditches, sheer walls, balance beams, monkey bars, weighted rope pulls seven meters high and an epic cargo net climb (possibly not for the faint hearted!) Along with many man-made and natural obstacles, we have a solid run of 25 obstacles which will have you working up a sweat in no time. To compliment this there is also ‘Basecamp.’ Home to our Atlas stone lifting area, natural log press, pull up frames, tyre flip, stretcher carry, and you can even try your hand at deadlifting a vehicle! Last but by no means least, the obstacle that Uventure was probably most famous for, it has been revamped and takes pride of place, that’s right, it’s the famous water slide! Built into the hillside of the quarry and it is rapid, from top to the very wet and muddy bottom takes you just 2.5 seconds but it is 2.5 seconds of pure adrenaline. With the course now complete, Quarry Events will be running Bootcamps twice a month from February 2022. With fully qualified Personal Trainers our bootcamps will be fun, engaging, muddy and guarantees you a first-class workout. Bootcamps are open to all. Individuals and groups and tailored to any level. Plus, you get the chance to try out the obstacle course including the slide. These days are perfect for anyone wanting to try an obstacle course for the very first time or for seasoned runners wanting to perfect their skills and push themselves to the limit. Also coming in 2022 is a brand-new OCR event. An epic endurance race, The Longest Day 2022 will see you competing from sunrise to sunset. Beginning at official sunrise, there will be 16 hours and 38 minutes of competition time, giving you all day to complete as many laps of the 5km course as you possibly can. This event can be completed as an individual or in teams of 2 or 4. The event village will be on site and camping is also available. Medals and t-shirts are included and wristbands are up for grabs for those who make it to the milestone distances. This is an endurance event like no other and not one to miss! December 2022 will see Quarry Events winter race, The Hardest Day. Here you can complete 5km, 10km or 15km, through mud, water and the obstacle course with on site event village and camping available for those who are brave enough. Details and booking for all up-coming events in 2022 can be found on Quarry Events website www.quarryevents.com or on their Facebook and Instagram pages. Many of you will remember the fantastic Uventure Run in Cranford, Northamptonshire. Well! It’s back…. But a little different. RACE : QUARRY The question now is, can you handle it?

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38 26 RACE : ANALYTICS Where does the money go? Here at OMR we undertook an in-depth survey (in the pub) of how OCR racers spend their hard earned wages Accommodation (because who actually wants to sleep in a field) Travel (because I haven’t perfected the art of teleportation yet but I’m working on it) Home responsibilities This gets in the way of OCR but we have to include it... “Because we are actual grown ups” – apparently Races – I ABSOLUTELY must do Kit – I ABSOLUTELY need to buy Nutrition (sorry but I need to eat A LOT too)

28 HYROX What is HYROX? HYROX is the functional fitness race for everyone Run in large indoor arenas each HYROX event is the same consisting of 8 sequences of 1km run and 1 functional fitness workout. The race format is arranged so that if you run a race in London or Chicago your score is comparable and can be used to access world-wide rankings and qualification for the world championships in Las Vegas! HYROX was established in 2017 in Germany and since then has spread across the US, Europe and now the UK (2021) with over 60 events in the ’21 season and 90 planned for ‘22. We ran our first UK race in London in September ’21 and shortly after in Birmingham in October, now we have all eyes on Manchester which is shaping up to be our largest event so far with over 1,000 competitors. You can run a HYROX as an individual, in a pair or in a relay (team of 4), each race is the same length with the difference coming in how the workload is split up. This makes the races available to anyone with no technical movements, heavy barbells, or gymnastics involved. HYROX was formed when our founder Christian Toetzke was trying to find a functional fitness event that mirrored the moves everyday people were doing in the gym. There are no qualifiers for HYROX but we do have 2 different categories in the individual race – the PRO division uses heavier weights and is better suited to an experienced runner/trainer whilst the normal HYROX reduces the weights slightly. Rest assured though both races are a great challenge and a must have in your competition finishers medal closet! The PRO race world record finishes are in the sub 60 min category whilst average finishes across the board are 1:30hr for males and 1:35hr for females. What to Expect at a HYROX Race Day We always run our events in large indoor arenas that lend themselves to a great race day experience! There will be a lot of runners on the day and a thriving atmosphere with music pumping from Redbull and giveaways throughout the day from our official apparel partner PUMA. You can see your live finish on the leader board linked to your chip timer and we always welcome spectators to come and cheer you on! “My HYROX experience in London was incredible. The event itself was super organised and ran like clockwork, it felt like a festival on arrival! I ran the Pro Race and really enjoyed the competition, Burpees into the 1k run or the Lunges were the hardest by far. The feeling as I came over the line was amazing though, such a sense of achievement, I’m signed up for the next one already and can’t wait to crush my time!” George Edwards

29 HYROX We also have strict Covid 19 safety protocols in place ensuring the safety of both athletes and spectators How to Train for HYROX A balanced training plan will suit you best with a bias towards running – the balance of time in the event works out that you will spend more time running than doing the functional workouts (hopefully) so you want to be running 2 – 3 times a week with at least 2 shorter interval sessions and 1 longer run. You also want to get familiar with each of the movements under fatigue, these are: • C2 Rowing • C2 Skiing • Farmers Carries • Sled Push • Sled Pull • Burpee Broad Jumps • Sandbag lunges • Wallballs Try and combine these with running in different intervals and formats. You can find some great programming on the hyrox.com website or follow the social media pages for regular daily workouts. Setting goals and taking part in HYROX ...something for readers to train for/set goals towards for the new year as we approach 2022 In January we will be coming to Manchester for the first time and it’s a great event to set yourself some fresh New Year fitness goals to train towards. If it’s your first HYROX event then your goal should be to complete it and get that first finishers medal, it’s a huge achievement in itself! But caution: HYROX is addictive. Once you’ve got that first medal, then the fun really starts as you’ll want to get stuck straight into training to beat your time. We provide timing scores accurate to the second for each segment of the competition, so you can track you performance for each individual part of the race and optimise your training and strategy around your strengths and weaknesses for the next time round. For more information and to sign up for HYROX Manchester, visit https://hyrox.com/en/ Images by Sportograf

Take up the challenge... www.mudmonstersrun.co.uk - 05 June 2022 - South of London - 5km, 10km, 20km & 35km - Sign up as a team and save - Up to 100+ obstacles - Exciting NEW kids run! #getdiirty Book this legendary mud & obstacle race now!

MARCH 2022 MAY 2022 05: Ferny Crofts Mud Run 05: The Nuts Challenge – Winter Nuts (postponed from 3/6/21) 18: 2022 Supernova Kelpies 5K 27: Adrenalin Shock 01: Tough Mudder North London – Finsbury Park 10k 01: Tough Mudder North London – Finsbury Park 5k 02: Inflatable 5k Donington Park / Derby 03: Mud Master EXTREME MUD & OCR 03: Rough Runner OCR 03: The General 10 Obstacle run 09: Rat Race Ultra Tour of Arran 09: Ultra Tour of Arran 16: GBF Urban: Operation TRAFALGAR 23: Inflatable 5k Exeter / Devon 23: Rocket Race Apollo 23: Spring Wolf Warwickshire 23: Tough Mudder Infnity Midlands 23/2 4: Tough Mudder Midlands (15k, 5k, Lidl Mudder) 24: Maldon Mud Race 24: Spring Wolf Warwickshire 30: Shropshire Mud Run 07: Born Survivor 07: Color Obstacle Rush UK WINDSOR 07: Inflatable 5k Norwich / Norfolk 07: LONDON WEST SPARTAN TRIFECTA WEEKEND 2022 – BEAST/KIDS 08: LONDON WEST SPARTAN TRIFECTA WEEKEND - SUPER/SPRINT/KIDS 07: Rat Race Dirty Weekend – The Last One Ever (postponed from 5/8/2021) 14: Bog Commander 14/1 5: Nuclear Races Rush Weekend (The Big One) 14/15: Nuclear Rookie Rush Weekend 14/15: The Little Welly SEVENOAKS, KENT 2022 15: Nuclear Races Oblivion Extreme 15: Mud Runner Lite 21: Color Obstacle Rush UK London 21: Inflatable 5k Brands Hatch / Kent 21/2 2: Tough Mudder London West (15k, 5k, Lidl Mudder) 21: Yorkshire Warrior 20k & 10k 22: Yorkshire Warrior Junior 3k Race 22: The Great Warrior Log Race 28: Color Obstacle Rush UK MILTON KEYNES 28: The Elements Reborn (postponed from 5/29/21) APRIL 2022 Diary Dates 31 PLAY: DIARY DATES Diary Dates provided by OCR Buddy ocrbuddy.com