Obstacle Mud Runner - issue 16

29 HYROX We also have strict Covid 19 safety protocols in place ensuring the safety of both athletes and spectators How to Train for HYROX A balanced training plan will suit you best with a bias towards running – the balance of time in the event works out that you will spend more time running than doing the functional workouts (hopefully) so you want to be running 2 – 3 times a week with at least 2 shorter interval sessions and 1 longer run. You also want to get familiar with each of the movements under fatigue, these are: • C2 Rowing • C2 Skiing • Farmers Carries • Sled Push • Sled Pull • Burpee Broad Jumps • Sandbag lunges • Wallballs Try and combine these with running in different intervals and formats. You can find some great programming on the hyrox.com website or follow the social media pages for regular daily workouts. Setting goals and taking part in HYROX ...something for readers to train for/set goals towards for the new year as we approach 2022 In January we will be coming to Manchester for the first time and it’s a great event to set yourself some fresh New Year fitness goals to train towards. If it’s your first HYROX event then your goal should be to complete it and get that first finishers medal, it’s a huge achievement in itself! But caution: HYROX is addictive. Once you’ve got that first medal, then the fun really starts as you’ll want to get stuck straight into training to beat your time. We provide timing scores accurate to the second for each segment of the competition, so you can track you performance for each individual part of the race and optimise your training and strategy around your strengths and weaknesses for the next time round. For more information and to sign up for HYROX Manchester, visit https://hyrox.com/en/ Images by Sportograf