Obstacle Mud Runner - issue 16

28 HYROX What is HYROX? HYROX is the functional fitness race for everyone Run in large indoor arenas each HYROX event is the same consisting of 8 sequences of 1km run and 1 functional fitness workout. The race format is arranged so that if you run a race in London or Chicago your score is comparable and can be used to access world-wide rankings and qualification for the world championships in Las Vegas! HYROX was established in 2017 in Germany and since then has spread across the US, Europe and now the UK (2021) with over 60 events in the ’21 season and 90 planned for ‘22. We ran our first UK race in London in September ’21 and shortly after in Birmingham in October, now we have all eyes on Manchester which is shaping up to be our largest event so far with over 1,000 competitors. You can run a HYROX as an individual, in a pair or in a relay (team of 4), each race is the same length with the difference coming in how the workload is split up. This makes the races available to anyone with no technical movements, heavy barbells, or gymnastics involved. HYROX was formed when our founder Christian Toetzke was trying to find a functional fitness event that mirrored the moves everyday people were doing in the gym. There are no qualifiers for HYROX but we do have 2 different categories in the individual race – the PRO division uses heavier weights and is better suited to an experienced runner/trainer whilst the normal HYROX reduces the weights slightly. Rest assured though both races are a great challenge and a must have in your competition finishers medal closet! The PRO race world record finishes are in the sub 60 min category whilst average finishes across the board are 1:30hr for males and 1:35hr for females. What to Expect at a HYROX Race Day We always run our events in large indoor arenas that lend themselves to a great race day experience! There will be a lot of runners on the day and a thriving atmosphere with music pumping from Redbull and giveaways throughout the day from our official apparel partner PUMA. You can see your live finish on the leader board linked to your chip timer and we always welcome spectators to come and cheer you on! “My HYROX experience in London was incredible. The event itself was super organised and ran like clockwork, it felt like a festival on arrival! I ran the Pro Race and really enjoyed the competition, Burpees into the 1k run or the Lunges were the hardest by far. The feeling as I came over the line was amazing though, such a sense of achievement, I’m signed up for the next one already and can’t wait to crush my time!” George Edwards