Obstacle Mud Runner - issue 16

Our range of unique products, designed and tested in the lab as well as in the field have continued to assist competitors with their training goals and race day successes. You will know, if you use a KitBrix, that protecting and separating kit after an event as well as storage is a very simple and effective process. However, during some unplanned down time we put a lot of time and effort into ‘new product development’. Some of the ideas that are currently in testing: 1 The KitBrix double bag, designed to fit larger items rather than more items. 2 Race gloves, designed with obstacle racing in mind, providing vital grip and durability. 3 The KitBrix trolley bag, born from the need to take a lot of kit on long journeys. Some of you will know that our latest product is the KitBrix Poncho – the idea of one of our wonderful customers. During a casual conversation they asked what we offer to keep our customers warm before and after training and competing? Our reply was something like, “We don’t make that sort of thing, we are all about preparation, organisation and protection, of you and your kit.” Then we thought, “Why can’t we make something like that?” So some 16 design changes, 5 prototypes, around 96 hours of field testing, weeks of admin, over 64 hours of meetings (we did document these), a ton of photo shoots and an unmeasurable amount of coffee chats later, we finally had the finished item. The KitBrix Poncho was born. We did scratch our collective heads in an attempt to come up with a jazzy or funky name for the poncho but to no avail – but if anyone has a better idea, don’t be shy please feel free to get in touch – we are always listening. Some of the key features of the Kitbrix poncho: n The shell is made from 100% recycled plastic bottles and it comes in a fully recyclable craft bag. n The interior fleece is light and quick dry so that it can be used multiple times quickly. The outer shell is wipe clean and very light. The front hand protectors also have a hidden zipped pocket for valuables. n The details are additions added and tested while consultation and field analysis took place. The final product also had to fit some basic criteria: a BE FUNCTIONAL Keep the wearer dry (water-proof), Get and keep them warm, easy to put on and take off, easy to clean (machine washable) and durable. b ECO FRIENDLY The whole shell is made from recycled plastics. They are delivered in a strong craft paper bag and there is no plastic lining. c VALUE FOR MONEY With our RRP set at £89.95 we believe that not only is the poncho great value for money it is also much more affordable than similar products. A carefully thought out addition to KitBrix We feel that we are doing a good job helping you organise, protect and prepare yourself before a training session and all of those races you guys love to do 14 38 KIT : PONCHO 8 If you are interested in purchasing a KitBrix poncho please visit kitbrix.com and use code OMR15 to get 15% off at checkout. We hope that the KitBrix poncho is as successful as the KitBrix bag, the Pokit and the CityBrix.