And BREATHE… Chill out for a sec because most of your physical training is pretty much done now.

However, there are still things you can do to make sure you are as prepped as possible and give yourself a big advantage out on the course. Check out the steps below:

Pre – Rigging is a game changer and gives you such a big advantage when out on the course. Becoming a master of Pre-Rigging takes a lot of practice but even if this is your first time doing it you will still gain so much from it. Without knowing it you have been doing it already. From that moment you signed up to the race you have been adapting your training to suit the demands of the course. You have been looking at things like distance of event, the terrain, considering whether age group or elite, what obstacles likely to be there?.... etc. Once we have started our ‘Pre-Rigging’ we should be able to work out our other steps.

PRE – now until a few days before.
P – Personal – What are your strengths/weaknesses. How can you maximise your strengths and reduce your weaknesses on that course in front of you to get you round as quickly and efficiently as possible?
R – Recon – Dive into every little detail. Do your research online, find out info from other competitors, look at past Worlds and Nuclear events. What are the Rules? Will there be traffic on the course? Is it likely to be wet? How long will I be out there for? What obstacles are there going to be? What is the terrain like? Just to list a few things.
E – Evaluation – Now you have done your RECON and looked at your PERSONAL Strengths and weaknesses you can EVALUATE and start to build your race plan! You need a race plan that can be adapted but you should have 80% of it done by 2-3 days prior to event.

Rig – a few days out to the start line.
R – Reassess – You have done everything you can to get as a clear a picture as possible prior to turning up at the event but it is not until you are there that you can put the final touches into place. You are now at the venue. You can see and get a feel for the course. Walk the course as much as you can and get doing the ‘PRE’ section all over again. Check out the key obstacles, make sure you know how to do them. Where can you push harder? Where do you need to hold back? Look over the rules per obstacle. Make sure you take a good rucksack with Warm/Waterproof Clothing, Food, Water etc as you may be out there longer than planned during this stage. (not the race)
I – Individual – You need to make sure that everything that you have done to this point has been tailored for you. There will be lots of opinions but no one knows you better than you do. Create a race plan for you, not someone else.
G – Go, Go, Go!! Get out there and get it done! Do what you know and not what you don’t. Race Smart – Race Easy.

What to wear? Lots of factors will determine your choice of clothing. Look at things like the weather, length of race, terrain, time you will be out there for, what has worked for you before, is there water/mud on course? You should have a whole load of experience in this as you have probably already done a wide variety of events. Make sure that whatever you go with has been worn and tested. Do not be that doughnut who wears brand new shoes for the event. Listen to advice but ultimately

Those who have followed me for a while will know that I am always banging on about NUTRITION being key and I am still right! Make sure you are fuelled for the race. Similarly with clothing this would have been tested at other events and you should know what works for you. Look at foods leading up to race day (especially the day before). If you are travelling then don’t leave things to chance. Do your research of restaurants that work for you and if you can’t find anything prep it and take it with you. Now is not the time to chance stuff. Food for the day wants to be planned and prepped ready for race day. You need to look at factors such as distance of race, estimated time you will be out on course, weather, as well as your personal requirements. Will you need fuel for out on the course? If so then make sure you have it before travelling here. You don’t want to be raiding the local B.P garage searching for gels (They won’t have them).

Are you multi eventing? Get your post-race nutrition sorted. Don’t leave it to chance that the food stall you like will still have what you want when you are finished. Take food with you and then you have a choice. Replenishing the body is essential! If you’re also competing the next day then remember that any post-race nutrition will also double up as your pre-race fuel for the next day so bear that in mind. Your recovery needs all the help it can get so choose wisely.

This is a World Championship and your warm up needs to be one that matches that. Plan your warm up in advance and practice it. Don’t expect someone to be there to run you through one at the start line because there won’t be one. You’re on your own!

Make sure it includes big, full body movements and switches on the key muscles. In my experience people focus solely on the lower body and forget the upper body. If you fail with lower body your run turns into a walk. If you fail with your upper body you are back to the retry lane. Remember to keep warm right up until the start. If you can keep a jumper on until a few mins before you where you can pass

Fail to Prepare and Prepare to Fail... You have heard it before and it still applies now! Get Prepped! You need your race kit ready one week before – trust me. Who has gone to pack bags and can’t find something or an item is faulty. This gives you enough time to get a replacement. Make sure everything has been thought of. Do a quick tick sheet the weekend before and tick it off as you get it done. Remember you’ll need more than one set if you’re racing more than once. Take extra kit, you can never have too much. The weather here is very changeable and you simply need to be prepared for all eventualities. Include things like: a spare pair of laces, tape for hands and your pumice stone. This takes off so much pressure and enables you to sit back and enjoy whilst everyone else is stressing.

For 99% of participants you are amateur athletes. You have other day jobs and life will go on after the champs. This is your hobby and one that you love. The OCRWC will be an incredible experience. Don’t get so caught up that you don’t get a chance to take it all in. Step back and embrace.

From myself and the Road2World’s Team we would like to wish you the very best of luck. Coach Tony and myself will be out on the course, coaching, supporting and assisting where possible. We plan to do a walk around on Thursday for those who can make it. Zumba will be busy racing!



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