Obstacle Mud Runner - issue 09

ForEliteAtheletes to FunRunners 01732 452404 29 HEALTH : WEIGHT Notice the 2.6kg drop after 5 days…good times. Followed by a 3.1kg increase in just two days!! That’s nearly 2lbs heavier than I was at the beginning! Rubbish. Knowing why that happened, helped keep me on the right path, and as if by magic, one day later I’m a kilo down again. To illustrate this further I have overlaid my body fat % as the thicker red line. Although not to scale, you can see that I have been dropping body fat everyday regardless of the weight fluctuation. Way cool. The take home Stop weighing yourself every day! Whilst the scales can be a useful tool for monitoring fat loss, constant jumping on the scale’s roulette wheel will leave you in constant doubt as to whether your new routine is even working at all. Instead, focus on how your body is changing shape. Take some body fat measurements where possible, or even use a good old fashioned tape measure to monitor your abdominal and hip circumferences. If you must weigh yourself, aim to do so at less regular intervals. Be sure to do it at the same time of day and aim to do it in a little clothing as possible. If you really are sticking to your calorie deficit the number WILL come down over the course of a few weeks. If not, you are simply not sticking to the rules, and should address your food intake. Myself along with my team mates bang on about this all of the time; There is no one in the history of the world that has not lost body fat when consistently creating a calorie deficit over time. Trust in the science. Stick to the plan and all will come good in the end! Chris Wharton Co-owner of the Better Body Group 5 You are a woman! Most of you will be familiar with this but it’s worth reiterating. Throughout your menstrual cycle, your hormones fluctuate in a big way. This is particularly common during the follicular stage when your body produces large amounts of oestrogen and the uterine lining begins to thicken, causing both bloating and water retention. Being aware of your cycle stages will help prevent you losing your mind when the scales deceive you again. 6 Alcohol Well known for it’s dehydrating effects alcohol can cause your kidneys to stop producing fluid via urine. It doesn’t mean you wont ‘Break the seal’. It’s effects are more likely to be seen after a night on the town, not during. 7 Still don’t believe me? I’ve only gone and conducted my own study. Over the last 7 days I dabbled in all of the above…except number 5 obvs. I have weighed myself every day and here are the results: