Obstacle Mud Runner - issue 21

4 Accountability Corner is a place to help people step inside the minds of three aspiring amateur athletes in the sport of obstacle course racing. Get the inside scoop on how we train, make time, and spend money, and how we find competing in the forever-changing world of our sport. We want everyone to know that being accountable and having purpose toward your physical goals is the best way to grow and gain discipline. However, gaining discipline is not a straight line or a simple process. You will fail, you will get injured, you will stay in bed and you will eat that pizza. We’re all human and we all struggle and that’s what we want to talk about. Follow us on: Web: https://accountabilitycorner. buzzsprout.com/ @_accountabilitycorner https://www.facebook.com/ profile.php?id=100093194911946 Who are we? Hi, I’m Sophie, founder and owner of The Awesome Anatomy Company! Whilst studying at university during the pandemic, I found there was a limited number of resources for students learning anatomy that were straightforward, simple and colourful! Many students find traditional textbooks to be unmotivating and uninspiring, our mission is to change that and create resources which are designed to engage and motivate! Our first product, the musculoskeletal (MSK) guide is our bestseller to date, having sold almost 2,000 copies worldwide in the last year! Our products are not just aimed at students, anyone wishing to learn about their own body and how to look after themselves should be able to benefit! Why not give our bestselling guide a try today? You can use code: MUDRUNNER15 to get 15% off today! Gravity Spartanbell Not for the faint hearted, this Spartanbell kettlebell, featuring Gravity’s exclusive head-turning Spartan design is crafted from solid cast iron and built to withstand the apocalypse! Put this robust bit of kit through the most strenuous workouts and relax that you’re in safe hands with our lifetime warranty* against manufacturer defects. The dawn of a new era in kettlebells, the design and production of these all-over body annihilators have been scrupulously developed to the finest detail. The result is a competitionstandard consistent handle thickness to ensure you get the absolute best workout every single time. Available in a range of weights from 12kg, 16kg, 20kg and 24kg to cater for a whole host of exercises and abilities. Use our exclusive link to order yours. TOP OFFERS VOOM Nutrition Created by a team who have 2 things in common; an addiction to the outdoors and a dedication to creating sports nutrition products that are both high-performing and great tasting. Why not try their marathon bundle. https://www.voomnutrition.co.uk/?ref=pf2E0Ook OR JUST CLICK HERE 20% OFF code: OMRM20 VOOM HYDRATES... see page 18 Get your copy here Order yours here