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CONTENTS I’ve been so excited for this issue. Not just because Christmas is coming but it’s also the time when I start to plan for next year. We have some fantastic events and products in this issue. Maybe even some Christmas gift ideas?? Talking of gift ideas, who doesn’t want a medal hanger to display those hard-earned medals? Hang Tidy who we feature on page 4 have some amazing designs and will work with you to create something totally unique. Last orders for Christmas delivery is 15th December so don’t spend too long choosing which ones you like the best. Or, nothing quite says ‘I love you’ like a KitBrix, with new colours available on their website, be sure to take advantage of our discount code which you can find on page 5. Isn’t our front cover spectacular? Am I biased? Probably… However, I’m delighted to announce our collaboration with Gravity Fitness, equipment to help with all your training goals. More on that on pages 8 & 9. Brooks show their Visible range on page 11 and BBG educate us in Vo2 testing on pages 27-29. All the diary dates can be found on page 31, kindly supplied to us by @OCR Buddy. (If your event isn’t on there, contact them and they’ll be happy to add you on.) All that needs to be said is, from myself and all at HQ, we would like to wish you and your loved ones a very Merry Christmas. Eat, drink, be merry and enjoy the mud. Cheers. Donna – Editor Editor – Donna Jenner-Hall 07730 252228 • [email protected] Publisher – Martin Hall 07824 552116 • [email protected] Contributing Editors – Jason Crow, BBG and David Williams Obstacle Mud Runner is a freely distributed publication across the UK. Contributing Editors opinions expressed within Obstacle Mud Runner Magazine are not necessarily those of the Publishers. Obstacle Mud Runner Magazine accept no responsibility for those comments. No part of the publication may be produced without prior permission from Obstacle Mud Runner magazine. © 2022 Obstacle Mud Runner Magazine. Write to us at: OMR, 11 Hurst Way, Sevenoaks, Kent. TN13 1QN WHY NOT SUBSCRIBE TO ENSURE YOU GET NOTIFIED AS SOON AS IT’S PUBLISHED. Go to www.obstaclemudrunner.co.uk and click SUBSCRIBE. Obstacle Mud Runner Magazine Share Obstacle Mud Runner This magazine isn’t just for you lot, but for your friends too. Forward our link onto a friend, it might just be what they’re missing in life. 14 TOP OFFERS 6 DB Max Rood Rampage is back 8 COVER STORY Gravity Strength Training 10 REVIEWS 11: Brooks – Run Visible Collection 12: Inov-8 – Trailfly Ultra G 280 14: NUTS – The Nuttie Scale 16: The Wolf Run – Jason Jacob 18 FUEL 19: VOOM – What to eat after OCR 21: Thanks to all our supporters 22 TRAINING 23: HIIT 24: Doc Spartan – the repair specialist 26: HYROX – Setting records 27: V02 – Gaining a competitve edge 31 RACE DATES 31: Get your diary out issue 19 *By entering our competitions, you agree for your details to be shared with the Race Director of the event you have entered. Details will not be passed on to any other 3rd party. Follow us on Social Media: OMRmagazine @omrmagazine @omrmagazine Please send your stories, race reviews to [email protected] we might feature them 3 Obstacle Mud Runner is proud to be supported by: EDITOR’S COMMENT Editor’s word by:

4 Hang tidy Quality matters! You’ve worked hard for those medals and deserve to show them off in style. We have chosen quality 2mm stainless steel, which is strong, long lasting and looks great in any room. We offer a wide range of medal hangers & ball targets and offer a bespoke service. We’ll work with you to create the perfect piece. TOP OFFERS VOOM Nutrition Created by a team who have 2 things in common; an addiction to the outdoors and a dedication to creating sports nutrition products that are both high-performing and great tasting. Why not try their marathon bundle. ALSO... See page 20 for their OCR SPECIAL ENGERY PACK Inov-8 launches new hike-run hybrid shoe inov-8 is bringing the worlds of hiking and trail running together with the launch of a new waterproof shoe for winter. ​The pioneering sports brand say their new ROCLITE G 315 GTX V2 is designed for both hiking and running, as well as adventure sports. It features a sticky rubber outsole enhanced with Graphene – the world’s strongest material – for longerlasting tough grip and GORE-TEX waterproofing to keep feet dry and comfortable. Next year sees inov-8 celebrate 20 years, with many more footwear, clothing and equipment innovations planned for hikers, runners and gym-goers. For more details about this new shoe click here. OFFERING SUPERB OUTDOO ACTIVITIES ALL YEAR ROUND DO IT FOR YOU OR FOR CHARITY THE ULTIMATE UK MUD RUN NEXT RUN 4TH & 5TH https://www.voomnutrition.co.uk/ ?ref=pf2E0Ook OR JUST CLICK HERE https://www.inov-8.com 20% OFF code: OMRM20 www.hangtidy.co.uk email:[email protected]

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6 RACE DB Max presents... The Rood Rampage is back with a bang in 2023 and is already confirmed as part of the UK OCR Series. The course will be a single lap of approximately 10k, around the superb countryside of Rood Ashton, near Trowbridge. The course is currently being finalised, but promises to deliver some amazing OCR mud, water, obstacles and fun. Previous DB Max OCR events favourites will be back, along with some new challenges too. And yes… we’re working on getting the Big Daddy Slide there in a new home as well. The lake at Rood Rampage will be providing a real focal point on race day, with some amazing waterbased obstacles. And these will complement the usual walls, crawls, carries and climbs, throughout the fields and woodland at this fantastic venue. The amazing Paul Warburton will be the man on the mic, keeping everyone up to date on the action. There’ll be a warmup for all the participants in the open waves and don’t forget, there’s an opportunity to run with your kids in the final wave towards the end of the day. DB Max OCR Events have partnered with local charity Wiltshire Air Ambulance and entrants will be helping us raise money to fund their essential services around the Wiltshire area. We’ll also have local food and coffee suppliers, a bar at the finish and we’re teaming up with some fantastic local country pubs too. Online entry is already open, and more details are available at https://www.dbmax-ocr. events/events/the-rood-rampage/. We look forward to welcoming you on 18th June 2023. Follow us on our Facebook page to stay up to date with developments. https://www.facebook.com/ DBMaxOCREvents/about

9 RACE If you’d like to join our mailing list for news and offers, you can do so here. https://www.dbmax-ocr.events

8 COVER STORY Strength Training Is calisthenics the best type of strength training for OCR athletes? Here’s how bodyweight calisthenics exercises will help you get stronger and faster for your next obstacle course race. As an OCR fan, you know it’s about so much more than running. The best OCR courses need you to be strong, fit, and down for pretty much anything. But you don’t want to weigh yourself down with tons of extra muscle from hours in the gym. Good news – there’s a form of strength training that will build full-body strength so you can tackle those OCR obstacles like a runner/gymnast hybrid. It’s time to learn how the ancient art of calisthenics can seriously level up your OCR game. What is calisthenics? Calisthenics is a simple sport that goes back a long way (in fact, it’s probably the oldest form of strength training on record). Calisthenics uses bodyweight movements to build full-body, functional strength. Calisthenics exercises use your own bodyweight plus gravity to build strength through the 7 fundamental planes of movement – pull, push, squat, lunge, hinge, rotation, and gait. Sounds perfect for OCR! Can you use calisthenics for OCR? Calisthenics is a no-brainer for OCR athletes who want to even out imbalances, build strength, and get faster. The natural, functional exercises will teach your body to shift its own weight by pulling, pushing, crawling, and balancing. And unlike other forms of strength training, calisthenics can be done in short bursts without a dedicated gym trip. How does calisthenics training help OCR? The main aim of calisthenics is to build strength, but that’s not the end of the story. The functional, full-body nature of calisthenics workouts also helps your grip strength, plyometric power, muscular endurance, balance, and co-ordination. So next time you’re faced with a rope climb, crawl, broad jump, or up and over, calisthenics will have prepared you well. 5 benefits of calisthenics for OCR athletes 1 It builds functional strength Calisthenics uses your entire body in every movement, helping to build that functional, realworld strength that will be a big benefit on the OCR course (and in the rest of life, too). 2 It trains your nervous system Over time, calisthenics training triggers neurogenesis, the creation of new neural pathways. This helps your body get really good at moving in complex ways with strength and power. 3 It builds muscular endurance Calisthenics works on repetitions, rather than big “one rep max” movements, so it builds the kind of muscular endurance that will keep going to the final obstacle of the OCR course. 4 It works using your bodyweight As an OCR runner, you don’t need to know how much you can bench-press. But you do need to trust your body to pull itself up and over things. Calisthenics uses your own weight vs gravity as resistance to build strength. 5 It trains your grip and balance OCR is about more than strength and fitness. You also need co-ordination, proprioception, balance, and decent grip strength. Calisthenics exercises train them all!

Air squats Simple bodyweight squats build serious strength and endurance in the big muscles of the legs and glutes, particularly the quads which will be responsible for helping you run up inclines and propel yourself up obstacles. Walking lunges Another simple bodyweight movement which trains leg strength, knee health, and muscular endurance in the quads, glutes, and hamstrings. The single-legged nature of lunges transfers over to running, too. Ring pull ups Pull-ups work your entire upper body, from arms and back to core, and teaches your body to pull its own weight up from a dead hang. Doing pull ups on gymnastics rings adds a level of instability which will pay off on cargo nets, monkey bars, and rope climbs. Ring rows Inverted rows on gymnastics rings trains a slightly different set of muscles to pull-ups and will help you develop the big muscles of your back that will work hard to save your grip and forearm muscles. Bear crawls Any type of crawl training will set you up for a faster time over that section of your OCR event. Programme forwards and backwards crawls into every calisthenics training session. Parallette push ups Any kind of push up will build pressing strength in the shoulders, chest, and triceps, but if you do them on parallettes you’ll give your palms the opportunity to get used to the feel of bars – ideal for any rig work you might encounter. Wall walks Are you strong enough to help someone over a wall by letting them stand on your shoulders? Find out by training wall walks, where each rep has a wall-supported handstand in the middle of the flow. Now you can hold your own body weight up by your shoulders! 9 COVER STORY Gravity Fitness is the go-to place for calisthenics and functional fitness equipment, advice, training videos and chat. Check out the store to discover top quality calisthenics equipment you can use at home and sign up to the newsletters to get £5 off your first order. 7 Best calisthenics exercises for OCR OK, so let’s get down to it. How should you focus in on calisthenics to build OCR-specific strength without wasting precious training time on fluff? Here are the OCR calisthenics exercises to build functional strength in all the right places. CHECK OUT THE STORE HERE

10 obstaclemudrunner.co.uk For Elite Atheletes to Fun Runners 8 All Photos credit of Harm Dommisse R S EVIEW

More products have been added to the range which has been cleverly designed to enable the runner to be seen up to 600 feet away with strategically placed combinations of fluorescence, contrasting colours and retroreflective material. The clever use of these features enables you to easily be recognized as a runner and works morning and night. Being more visible means you’re less restricted with your running timeslots, adding peace of mind when you head out the door after daylight hours. With the darker nights well and truly drawn in, it’s possible your only option is to run in the dreary early morning or dark nights. Now you can do so with confidence. Brooks’ survey says… Three quarters of runners would run in the dark more with the right gear The latest update of its Run Visible Collection is Brooks’ answer to a growing demand for suitable running apparel, shoes and accessories for runners who want to run after sunset or at dawn. Research amongst 3.639 of runners from 7 countries shows that 34% runs in the dark from time to time, whereas 21% indicates they only do this when wearing lights and/or reflective gear to be visible. 31% has never run before sunset or sundown. 74% stressed that they would be ready to do this more often if they could wear the right gear, enabling them to be seen in traffic. A reason not to run, is that runners are afraid for their own safety (56%), fear they are not visible enough (34%) or that it’s either too early or too late to run (25%). If runners decide to run during this time of day, 78% wear the right gear, such as a headlight and reflecting apparel. Moreover, 81% takes extra precautions to make sure they are seen at low-light conditions. Reasons why runners like to run at this time of day, is that the streets are quieter (44%), because it is the only time they are able to run (39%) and because it is more relaxing for them (32%). Cold or hot? Light and dark. Brave the cold or run in the heat The Run Visible collection is aimed at both men and women and consists of versatile pieces for hot and cold weather. Within the apparel range you can choose from several types of Run Visible tops, ranging from both thermal and lightweight jackets and vests to long sleeves, short sleeves and also a tank top. The jacket has a special feature, as it converts into a vest. For the bottom you can pick Run Visible tights or shorts. Whether you want to brave the cold weather or run in the heat, the strategic retro reflectivity helps you to be recognised as a runner in the dark or low light. Choose from the reflective, Ghost 14, Glycerin 20 and Glycerin GTS 20 to match the apparel. With fluorescent accents and comfort for miles, this gear is always the bright choice. Top it off with the right reflective Run Visible accessories and nothing can stop you from running more miles in the dark. If you’re going to be anything when you run, be seen! The Run Visible Collection consists of performance running apparel, shoes and accessories and is available from www.brooksrunning.com/en_gb. 11 REVIEW : RUN VISIBLE Be seen with Brooks’ Run Visible Collection The Brooks Running Run Visible collection just got bigger and better.

12 7 reasons why I recommend inov-8 Trailfly Ultra G 280 (In no particular order.) 1 They actually are 280g per shoe which makes running feel effortless on the flats. (Yes, I weighed them, I always do, you know…just to check.) 2 They feel rugged without being rigid. Sturdy and supportive yet lightweight and soft. With that comes a reassuring confidence when running at any pace. 3 They look and feel awesome. Unmistakably inov-8. 4 The nitrogen infused foam sole adds bounce to my stride ensuring excellent cushioning in every step. I wore these at home for a few hours before venturing out for a first run in them and could really appreciate the comfort and bounce before I had to concentrate on more important things like breathing when I went out and actually ran. 5 The grip is encouragingly consistent meaning I can open-up my stride and focus on the route ahead instead of worrying about what my feet are up to. The soles are rubber enhanced by Graphene. Inov-8 say this is 200 times stronger than steel so it’s no wonder they claim to have the world’s toughest grip. 6 They are roomy but not too roomy meaning my feet don’t slip and slide in the shoe, but they do have room to splay and breathe. They measure #5 on inov-8’s width scale. 7 I’m no ultra-runner, but trails I love! I could quite see myself being able to run for hours and hours in these, should I ever feel so inclined. I think I’ll stick to my 10km’s for now though. I have come to the conclusion, that there is no such thing as owning too many pairs of running shoes. To get yours go to www.inov-8.com REVIEW : INOV8 Here’s the tech spec…TRAILFLY ULTRA G 280 Sports designed for: Trail running and ultramarathon running Terrain designed for: Hard-packed trails RRP: £165 Weight: 280g per shoe (average across size curve) Drop (heel to toe differential): 8mm Width (on inov-8 1-5 scale, with 5 being the widest): 5 Lug depth: 4mm Stack height (midsole only): 22mm at rear, 14mm at forefoot Stack height (including outsole and footbed): 33mm at rear, 25mm at forefoot Launch colours: Men: Pine & Nectar | Grey & Blue. Women: Red & Burgundy

13 PRODUCT TECH & BENEFITS: MIDSOLE: l New nitrogen-infused FLYSPEED midsole foam cushioning delivers our softest-ever ride, combined with incredible bounce and energy return. Ultralight and durable, the foam is our first to feature the use of nitrogen gas, reducing the amount of energy and chemicals used in the manufacturing processes. l Testing shows that FLYSPEED foam gives back 65%-68% of the energy put in. A standard foam midsole gives back 45%-48%. l Overall stack heights of 33mm in the heel and 25mm in the forefoot, combined with an 8mm drop, help deliver lots of underfoot comfort for running longer distances. l An 8mm deep ADAPTER-FLEX groove helps the shoe adapt, flex and mould to uneven terrain for a connected trail ride. It helps free the midsole of rigidity and works in tandem with the foot’s midtarsal joint to increase mobility. OUTSOLE: Graphene-enhanced rubber delivers the world’s toughest grip – insane sticky traction AND increased durability, no compromise. 50% stronger, 50% more elastic, 50% harder wearing, scientifically proven. l Multi-directional 4mm deep lugs on each shoe have been meticulously shaped and positioned to improve both propulsion at the front and braking at the rear. Measured spacing between the lugs REVIEW : INOV8 prevents debris from sticking to the outsole, while water dispersion channels and rubber dimples give extra grip on slick surfaces. l Vertical grooves cut into the rubber allow the foot’s metatarsal bones to move more independently, aiding adaptability and flexible grip when running over uneven terrain. UPPER: l A breathable, stretchy knit material upper, combined with a padded tongue, provide enhanced comfort without compromising on durability. l The fit has been designed to support and adjust to the natural swelling of the foot when running long distances. l Features our widest toe box, allowing extra wiggle room and comfort for toes, which are also protected by a front bumper. www.inov-8.com

14 REVIEW : RACE The Nuts Challenge Voted Toughest, Best Value and Muddiest! Winter Nuts 4 March 2023 & Summer Nuts 2/3 September 2023 THE NUTTIE SCALE MORE NUTS 1 lap (7km) Perfect for those of you that want to take on a fun challenge with little experience in obstacle racing. It’s the perfect excuse to just have a go and try something new. This is a popular choice for charity runners, corporates, friends and family – those of you who just want to give it a go. MIXED NUTS 2 laps (14 km) For those that want to push themselves that little bit extra while still having lots of fun COMPLETE NUTS 3 laps (21 km) The serious stuff starts! Many people work their way up to this level and above. If you’re fit and active this is for you TOUGH NUTS 4 laps (28 km) The ultimate level – You will need to be the fittest of the fit to take part. Expect to be on the Nuts course for 4 to 6 hours. LIMITLESS NUTS Limitless This is it, the pinnacle and you will need to be the fittest of the fittest of the fit to take part. New for Summer Nuts 2023 – our technical zone will be open to all and not just those who are competing to qualify! We are also offering camping and on Saturday evening will have bands, drinks and food (not till too late as we will of course be running in the mud again on Sunday). So don’t miss out, book now for Winter Nuts 2023 (limited availability) and for Summer Nuts take advantage of our early bird prices until 30 December 2022. Look forward to seeing you in the mud! www.thenutschallenge.co.uk [email protected]

38 REVIEW : WOLF RUN 16 A firm favourite I’m Jason Jacob. A fairly new team member to Obstacle Mud Runner Magazine race team. I am a huge fan for this event that I’ve been asked to review. I’m probably best equipped to share my honest account of this event as I continue to attend year after year, that in itself speaks wonders. The Wolf Run has become a firm favourite of mine and here’s why. About Wolf – The Wolf Run is an obstacle-based challenge offering a distance of 5km or 10km for over 18’s and a junior course for ages 7 to 17. It isn’t timed or age categorised, so as an adult you will be on the start line with anyone aged 18 to 80. (Or above!) The event is set in beautiful surroundings and makes excellent use of the terrain, hills and woods to offer an event with both natural and man-made obstacles, as well as woodland trails and field running. It’s a very inclusive event, open to all abilities, from charity fundraisers and fun runners to the hardcore OCR (Obstacle Course Race) athlete. The Wolf Run has a unique, friendly atmosphere where the focus is on completing the challenge, pushing yourself to your own limits and ultimately having a lot of fun in the process. The Wolf Run has been operating for many years now and it continues to evolve, race after race, offering additions to The Wolf Run experience, year on year. About me – I’ve been doing The Wolf Run since 2015 and it is ALWAYS one of the 1st events in my calendar. It is local (ish) to me but that isn’t the reason I make it my must do event every year. I’ve been lucky enough to be 1st over the line on numerous occasions, competing against many different people from all walks of life over the years. The people I’ve met before, during or after an event have since become friends, friends I would never have met if I didn’t do this sport. Not only do I take part and compete at The Wolf Run, (quite often more than 1 lap and sometimes in reverse) I also marshal for them. Marshalling means I also get to give something back to the other runners on the day. Many people taking part in a Wolf Run might have never done an OCR before and I get just as much joy helping other people achieve things they didn’t think they could. For many years now I’ve felt like part of The Wolf Run family. They are such a nice, friendly, giving community. I’ve formed incredible friendships and often get recognised elsewhere (nothing to do with cake I promise) and I thoroughly enjoy giving a little something back by helping others. There is always a huge sense of achievement and buzz at the end of any event. The atmosphere before, during and after this race in the event village is extremely welcoming and there is something about the vibe that makes you feel like you’re on a natural high. There is always a variety of vendors on hand for food and refreshments as well as other essentials buys. (Medal hangers are a firm favourite.) The Wolf Run resident DJ plays the tunes out all day long and last but not least, there is a merch tent and bar. Finally, it has been a privilege to become a multiple Alpha Wolf – obtained by doing all 4 events in the same calendar year. For 2023 The Wolf Run are back, reinvented, offering The Wolf Run Trilogy. You can enter now via www.thewolfrun.com and get 10% off when you book all 3. I’m looking forward to being part of it!

W i l d R unn i ng - Hav e Yo u Got Wh at I t Ta k e s ? Wo od s , Ob s t a c l e s , L a k e s & F i e l d s . . . w o l f r u n 2 2 / 2 3 A p r | 2 4 / 2 5 J u n | 2 / 3 S e p L e a m i n g t o n S p a , W a r k s S t a n f o r d H a l l , L e i c s Need a new fitness goal? Get fit, have fun and complete the award winning challenge. 10k / 5k / Junior t h e w o l f r u n . c o m 2 0 2 3 E V E N T S

obstaclemudrunner.co.uk For Elite Atheletes to Fun Runners 18 All Photos credit of Harm Dommisse FUEL & RESE T

19 FUEL : POST RACE What should I eat after an obstacle race? Post-race nutrition is very important, and if you’re keen to be running again the following day it’s as important as pre-race nutrition. It’s very easy to celebrate after the race by grabbing the nearest snacks and a beer but that certainly won’t aid muscle recovery. Research has shown the body is most receptive to absorbing nutrients in the immediate 30 minutes after so if you can take on something in that time frame, you’ll put yourself in the best place to maximise recovery. The two key macronutrients you want to get on board are carbohydrates, to replenish muscle and liver glycogen stores, and protein to repair and rebuild muscle tissue. Whilst many think protein is the important one, consuming carbohydrates with your protein actually enhances uptake of amino acids. An optimal ratio of carbs to protein has been shown to be around 3:1; this ratio improves uptake of nutrients and causes an insulin spike which helps replenish glycogen stores more quickly. The VOOM Protein RecoverFudge is a really easy on-the-go option here with 10g of protein to repair muscles and the optimal 3:1 ratio to expedite glycogen replacement. If you don’t have access to RecoverFudge but can get to a local shop then chocolate milk is another good option with protein and carbs as well as calcium to replenish some of the electrolytes lost through sweat. It’s also important to take on fluids post-race as you’ll have likely sweated more than you realise during the race. In addition to just water the trick here really is to ensure you’re taking on electrolytes to speed up the rehydration process and restore the body’s natural electrolyte balance. A full and well-balanced meal within 2–3 hours of the event is also recommended. This helps continue the recovery process and maintain the body which will still be operating at an increased metabolic rate in response to the exercise. The meal should aim to include a balance of high carbs, moderate protein and some fats. Good luck and enjoy the mud! by Beau Smith@VOOM

THE OCR SPECIAL ENERGY PACK EXCLUSIVE TO OCR ATHLETES. A full selection of our Pocket Rocket range, fast-acting glucose-based bars and a sample sachet of our Hydrate Smart electrolyte drink. Power Up your obstacle course racing! Includes: l Pocket Rocket Electro Energy l Pocket Rocket Caffeine Kick l Pocket Rocket Beta Blast l Protein RecoverFudge l Hydrate Smart Sample Sachet CLICK HERE TO GET YOUR OCR SPECIAL ENERGY PACK USE CODE OMRM20 for a 20% discount

21 FUEL : RECOVERY A Big Thank you for all your support and Merry Christmas from the team at OMRM HQ


23 TRAINING : HIIT High Intensity Interval Training HIIT training and why you should be doing it HIIT is exactly that, High Intensity Intervals. The ideal HIIT session will incorporate short bursts of high Intensity and periods of low intensity to recover. The higher the intensity the shorter time you’ll be able to sustain the activity you are doing. For example: Interval sprints are short bursts of speed followed by a lower-pace recovery period. A high intensity sprint can’t be sustained over long periods of time but with improved cardiovascular strength and faster recovery you’ll be ready to go again much sooner or be able to sprint for longer. This type of training is essential for Obstacle Course Racing because there are so many times you’ll stop, start, push hard, and need to recover quickly. You should try to work at least 1 HIIT session into your weekly training schedule. HIIT has positive effects besides improving cardiovascular strength. It is a very time efficient way of working out. If you’ve only got 10-30 mins to squeeze a workout in, then HIIT is your best option. If fat loss is your goal, then you win again, you’ll burn calories much quicker doing a HIIT workout in less time than a long slow run and your metabolic rate remains higher for longer after your workout has finished meaning your body continues to be a fat burning machine long after you’re back to your normal life duties. Here is an example of a run/cycle/row/ski-erg HIIT session. Make sure you warm up sufficiently and then get ready to go, maximum effort. Cycle or Run as hard and fast as you can for 20 seconds then reduce the speed for 40 seconds and recover. (Take longer if needed but don’t leave it too long.) Repeat for 10-20 minutes. As you improve and the time needed for recovery reduces, you can increase the sprint time and reduce the recovery time. Remember to cool down and stretch after. Alternatively, find yourself a set of steps and aim to get to the top without stopping, allow yourself to go back down slowly to recover and then go again when you get to the bottom. I wonder how many you’ll manage? Here is another example of a HIIT Workout for you to try. If running, cycling or steps aren’t your thing then this one can be done in the comfort of your own home. Work for 45 seconds, recover for 15 seconds then go onto the next exercise. 1 Squat jumps 2 Standing knee to elbow 3 Pushups 4 Tricep Dips 5 Burpees 30 second recovery then get ready to go again. Repeat X4 Have Fun! Photo by Bruno Nascimento on Unsplash

24 TRAINING : REPAIR Doc Spartan Well, we have you covered with the product of all products: n Combat Ready Ointment (C.R.O.) was conceived to help relieve the minor ailments, bumps, scrapes, and tears that are part and parcel of training hard. n It is fantastic for promoting fast recovery and getting critical body parts (like hands, skin, and fingers) and you back in the game ASAP. n C.R.O.is great for calluses, burned, ripped, cut, or damaged skin, post-tattoo moisturising, dry hands, COVID/over-sanitised hands, and much more! We would love to send out a FREE sample for you to try yourselves or with members so you can see that it’s not just the 5-Star reviews that make it a must for every kit bag. Use Discount Code CRONOW 100% off Combat Ready ointment free sample (Subject to availability.) www.docspartan.co.uk Also, be sure to check out our new product for muscle recovery. Sabre Balm combines the potency of all-natural peppermint, arnica, and eucalyptus, with the healing power of old-fashioned self-love, and a hint of “me time”. Cooling relief and good-to-go stimulation, without smelling like a discarded rugby team mascot. Rub yourself down, put a zing in your step, and get some bite back into your training. Doc Spartan UK www.docspartan.co.uk How many times do you encounter ripped hands, scraped shins, rope burns, etc? Often enough that you’re reaching for the First Aid Kit, right? “I have noticed the difference in my hands. It’s now part of my daily regimen and I use it many times during the day I do pull-ups or any barbell movements. Absolutely love it!”

25 TRAINING : REPAIR Photo Credit @arbphotography_

38 26 TRAINING THE WORLD SERIES OF FITNESS RACING NEW HYROX MEN’S DOUBLES WORLD RECORD On 22nd October 2022, Michael Sandbach (GBR) and Tim Wenisch (GER) ripped up the HYROX Men’s Doubles World Record breaking the 50-minute barrier in a blistering 48:52 minutes at HYROX Amsterdam. Both Sandbach and Wenisch regularly race in the Individual Men’s Pro, and both were in the top 15 Elite for Men, competing at the HYROX World Championships in Las Vegas this past May. Both men are also the Number One HYROX Elite Athletes in their respective countries. In Amsterdam they decided to join forces for the first time and together dominated the Men’s Doubles division to win an ultra-impressive new World Record, which sets a new president within the sport surpassing the previous world record by 1minute 30 seconds and breaking through the elusive 50-minute barrier. Next the athletes will focus on the European Championships in Maastricht on the 21st January 2023 and then the World Championships in Manchester on the 27th May 2023. If you’re inspired by Sandbach and Wenisch, there are only two more races in the UK left to sign up for. HYROX Glasgow on the 11th February 2023 and HYROX London II, which is set to be the biggest HYROX event globally, spread over two days at Olympia Kensington, with an anticipated 10,000 people racing. Don’t miss out on these highly coveted spots, which are going fast. Visit www.hyrox.com today to secure your space.

27 Gaining a competitive edge The importance of regularly testing your V02 for OCR athletes With 30 years of experience training athletes, from virtually every sport, I have learnt there are definite benefits to both testing and training the specific energy systems directly related to their sport, and OCR athletes are no exception. At BBG we believe this is not something that should be available only to Olympic level athletes, so we are expanding our V02 Max and RMR facilities as it is key to our clients ever increasing personal goals, but why? In analysing athletes’ cardiorespiratory status by assessing the oxygen and carbon dioxide content of their expired air at rest, when performing a section of their event and in a controlled graduated exercise environment you can significantly gain a competitive edge, and BBG recognising this use our VO2 measures for our clients to. n Determine exactly how effectively you, the athlete, use fat, protein and carbohydrate at rest and when training n Provide the exact number of calories your body requires (Resting Metabolic Rate) n Provide your exact level of cardiorespiratory efficiency (V02) n Monitor, analyse and compare exactly how effective your training is n A llows exact calculation to accurately set your heart rate training zones, which Olympic endurance athletes have become dependent upon to manage lactate thresholds and performance n It also enables you to accurately calibrate your wearables (whoop, Garmin) to get more valid data n Allows you, the athlete, to see where your fitness levels sit when compared to pre-set levels for your age, sex and other athletes (simply type V02 charts into Google) n Provides an indicator of your anaerobic capacity What does an improved V02 mean to an OCR athlete? n Enables you, the athlete to push yourself harder and achieve faster times in training, working to exact boundaries and reducing the risk of overtraining, increasing your efficiency n To carry this enhanced cardiorespiratory capacity into competition n Be your road map to becoming stronger faster n Be less fatigued during events n Recover faster between individual event activities n Stave off both the bear (lactate threshold) and the wall (carb depletion) n Drive your competitors into a state of fatigue trying to keep pace with you! The simple fact is that when it comes to your cardiorespiratory effectiveness, knowledge is power. Let me hand over to my fellow Sports Scientist David Williams to share some of the science with you: VO2 max testing is a treadmill run or cycle to volitional fatigue. The test measures aerobic fitness, or the ability of an individual to consume oxygen at a maximal rate. It is a widely accepted standard for measuring aerobic power and cardiovascular fitness. It is important for athletes to measure their VO2 max to become more efficient and analyse physiological changes that occur during exercise. This test has several advantages over traditional physical fitness assessments, including its ability to identify health risk factors. Additionally, VO2 max is an effective predictor of quality of life, as well as athletic excellence. Physiologically, the main purpose is for the oxygen to get into the cells’ mitochondria so that it can be used to generate adenosine triphosphate (ATP), which is the main energy source in the body. The more oxygen you can take in and convert to energy, the longer and faster you can run due to this surplus of energy you are making at the cellular level. Trainers can use the information from these devices TRAINING : V02 continued Image: BBG A collaboration between Jason Crow and David Williams David has a BSc (Hons) degree in Sport and Exercise Science and furthered his knowledge by also completing an MSc in Sport and Exercise Physiology. Jason Crow, Better Body Group Managing Director, Sports Science BSc (Tons) CSCS.

28 TRAINING : V02 to generate a customised endurance program for you to push you to increase your VO2 max, and in turn, your overall endurance. VO2 max testing is a great way to know where you are currently at in your endurance training. The data from a VO2 max test can be utilised to make a program customized to your physiology. From a VO2 max test we can see what your heart rate maximum is exactly and using these numbers we can get more accurate training zones for you. Knowing different heart rate zones can help prevent overtraining and enhance your training. Endurance Training for Hyrox Any event where you are constantly moving for more than two minutes is considered an endurance event. You have several systems that help you metabolize energy. For this conversation, we will focus on your aerobic (with oxygen) system and your anaerobic (without oxygen) system. Your anaerobic system can only keep the energy coming to your muscle for 1090 seconds, depending on your intensity. A Hyrox event will take 60-100 minutes for most people. So, you need to spend time developing your aerobic system to handle the demands of this event. However, during the race, there is a point (sled, lunges, wall balls) where we may be outside the aerobic system so we cannot ignore our anaerobic systems completely. But ultimately, you need to sustain an effort for a long duration. Training your aerobic system is how you make that happen. A Hyrox event is an endurance endeavour. The most practical work you can do is to develop a solid aerobic base with long easy effort. Working in your aerobic range will help build oxygen, deliver pathways to your new, super jacked muscles that you’ve gained during the strength phase, and help you sustain an effort for a long time. Long easy efforts should be the focus for your entire training block. You will achieve the same goal in developing your aerobic system when done at an easy pace. Training your “anaerobic threshold” will be the goal of most endurance-focused training sessions outside of your easy work. Your anaerobic threshold is a pace that you can hold for generally an hour – this pace will be faster than your Hyrox race pace, which is impeded tremendously by the workout stations. Even though the pace differs in a race – the intensity and physical response are the same. Obstacle Course Racing Obstacle courses (OCs) have been used for training, competition, and fitness promotion since antiquity. This is likely due to the fact OCs require individuals to exhibit high levels of all aspects of fitness – cardiovascular endurance, muscular strength and endurance, agility, and flexibility. The varying and constant challenges presented to participants in order to successfully complete OCRs, means that athletes must have a strong aerobic background to complement a good level of muscle strength and endurance. Obstacle Course Racing (OCR) as a sport combines aerobic endurance training with bouts of highintensity training in the form of the obstacles that athletes encounter. Research on predictors of OCR performance is lacking. However, studies have been conducted on predictors of long-distance running and high-intensity training workouts. For instance, in trained runners, maximal oxygen uptake (VO2max) explained 81% of the variance in 10-mile race time, while the velocity at VO2max was the best predictor of race time. Conversely, in high-intensity training workouts, aerobic fitness (VO2max), maximal rate of anaerobic ATP production (peak Wingate power), and muscle strength (1-repetition max for back squat, deadlift, shoulder press) have been associated with HIFT workouts lasting 3–15+ minutes. Thus, it is perhaps not surprising that in addition to aerobic fitness, measures of anaerobic energy production and muscle endurance were also associated with OCR performance. Not surprisingly, VO2max was the best predictor of the variance for the longest workout, but mean and peak Wingate power and 1-repetition max back squat, strict shoulder press, and deadlift were also associated with performance time. https://www.researchgate.net/publication/339265758_ Predictors_of_obstacle_course_racing_performance continued Image: BBG

29 TRAINING : BORN BARIKOR • V02 max • Resting metabolic Rate • Blood Lactate • Body fat & lean tissue levels • Advanced Health Reports Discover your exact health & fitness levels NEWHealth& Performance BODYanalysis 01732 451 979 www.betterbodygroup.co.uk


JANUARY – MARCH 2023 January 08: MacTuff 2023, Dunfermline February 25: Ferny Crofts Mud Run, Brockenhurst March 04: Winter NUTS, Dorking 11: The Mighty Deerstalker, Innerleithen 12: The Normanby Hall Adventure Race Scunthorpe 25: Tartan Warrior Reborn Short and Sprint 26: Courses 2023, Kilmarnock 26: Adrenalin Shock, Richmond, N.Yorkshire 26: Muddy Mayhem & Mini-Mudder, Hertford 26: General Winchester 10k, Winchester Diary Dates 31 PLAY: DIARY DATES Diary Dates provided by OCR Buddy ocrbuddy.com