Obstacle Mud Runner - issue 17

obstacles you cannot overcome unless the obstacle is you! If you want to live your best life, embrace the program, trust the process and be prepared to give it 100%. You won’t regret it. This is Eduardo Eduardo works full time as a Team Leader for a food manufacturing company. He has a family and often works shifts. His everyday life is busy, and he travels a lot with his very talented daughter who plays U16’s professional football all over the country. Eduardo committed to something truly remarkable, and it has changed his life. 1 Where did you first hear about SPR? From a work colleague, I noticed a drastic change in his weight, so I asked how he did it. He told me he was part of a fitness program called The Six Pack Revolution. I got home on that same day and joined SPR online. I had tried everything else so I thought I may as well give it a go, at that time I was 99kg and very unhappy with my weight. 2 SPR is managed in groups so you’re never alone on your journey. How much did being in a group benefit you? Massively! I think one of the best things in SPR is being part of the groups, the group keeps you accountable, and when you are feeling a little low all the other participants and head coaches pick you up encouraging you to the finish line. And a massive bonus is that I have made friends for life. 3 There is a lot to take in, any tips for first timers? Yes, make sure you prep your food for the week, it will make your life a lot easier! That way you can focus on your challenges and eat at the right time. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask, Scott and his team will answer you very quickly, and other participants will offer advice too. 4 Did you enjoy the exercise part of the programme and were the recipes tasty? Yes, I really did! I was a bit worried at first because I hadn’t done any exercise for many years prior to SPR, but the program built my fitness gradually from scratch and by the time I realised, I was smashing those challenges. The food was great, lots of meal and snack choices, one of my favourites was the Pina Colada Smoothie, just wow! 5 Describe how you feel looking at your start and end photo’s. I feel amazing! I look younger, healthier and most importantly I feel really happy about myself. 6 What advice would you give to anyone considering taking part in the future? GO FOR IT! It will be a life changing experience for you, if you follow the food plan and do your challenges, you will achieve the goals that you are looking for, I can’t recommend SPR enough! 7 How has it changed your life? Before I joined SPR I was living a very unhealthy lifestyle, I had been diagnosed with Coeliac Disease, I had a very poor relationship with food and never did any kind of exercise. My mental health was going from bad to worse because everything I started, I never finished and therefore always ended up back at the beginning. But with the support of Scott and his team I found I could stick to this and WOW! What can I say? I was blown away with the results and how healthy I became, I went from 99kg to 74kg. I went from not being able to run even 1K to running 15k with no problems. My health changed drastically and my mental health is in a much better place, I can honestly say that I’m happy. SPR changed my life in more ways than I thought it would, and is part of my life now, I will be forever thankful to Scott and his team. 11 REVIEW : SIX PACK REVOLUTION To find out more or to join, please go to: @sixpackrevolution https://www.facebook.com/TheSixPackRevolution www.thesixpackrevolution.com