Obstacle Mud Runner - issue 17

10 Can you really change your life in just 75 days? This is Tara “I’m 50 (something), diabetic and I can honestly say that The Six Pack Revolution has taken 10 years off me looks wise and my energy levels have certainly matched my looks! I have increased my fitness to a whole new level and anything I do now to improve will surely only help me in later life. Since starting not only have I lost weight and gained strength, but I also have a much happier, sharper mind, I’m not so stressed, I deal with problems quickly and efficiently and I no longer worry about things I have no control over. My sons are extremely proud of me which is something every parent wants to hear. I thought my career was over when I broke my wrist and dislocated my hand. I put weight on, withdrew from life, I believed my time had passed. I was fat, 50, unhappy and single. I wasn’t in a great place. Now, I’m proud to say I am living proof that it’s never too late to turn your life around and I’ve shown what can be done with a small shift in mentality and the support from a programme that really works. You can be fit, strong and healthy in body and mind no matter what stage of life you’re at.” It doesn’t even take long when you know how. 1 What would your top tips be? Read the handbook! Read ALL the information given in prep week, watch the videos, make sure you get a food plan written down and prep enough meals for a few days at a time. Watch the challenge videos carefully and pay attention to technique. Embrace the group and enjoy being part of a team. 2 How was the exercise and food for you? It was great getting back to exercising as I’d suffered an injury which made my life spiral. I lost a lot of confidence, so I was training at home and not in a gym. I’d gained weight and didn’t want to be surrounded by fit people in a gym. Exercising at home was the perfect solution. There are so many recipes to choose from and the options for swapping proteins/carbs means you can adjust them to suit your taste, new recipes are always being added too. They are all simple to make, most taking 20 mins or less. You just need to be organised. 3 Describe how you feel looking at your start and end photo’s. I was so overwhelmed with my first waves results. I now look back and feel I am totally unrecognisable. I see my first photo and think I NEVER want to go back to that. I had totally lost my way and felt utterly broken so it’s like looking back at a past life. 4 What advice would you give to anyone considering taking part in the future? JUST DO IT! – Investing 75 days in yourself means you are then in a better place mentally, physically and emotionally to help support your family/friends, face your daily life with less stress and develop a ‘can do’ attitude. You’re never too old or too unfit. There are no REVIEW : SIX PACK REVOLUTION These 2 did, along with hundreds of others