Obstacle Mud Runner - issue 13

ForEliteAtheletes toFunRunners obstaclemudrunner.co.uk 8 RACE : OCRWC 11-13 October 2019 Obstacle Course Racing World Championships Each and every year has delivered its very own epic and memorable experiences, and time again athletes comment on how a few short days end up with such strong feelings of belonging. The three days feels much longer, and a temporary village feels like home in a matter of hours. Is it really so surprising when we think of everything we go through there? After a triumphant UK debut at the home of Nuclear Races in Essex, the Obstacle Course Racing World Championships returns for the second year, for its sixth annual event, and we couldn’t be happier to be here with you. Over the years we’ve faced different obstacles of our own, and each of those creates a unique experience. Who remembers athletes huddling around fires sharing warm clothing at King’s Domain, Ohio? Or the family feeling and amazing closing fireworks at Blue Mountain? Whilst the event is primarily about racing, our take-home feeling is often so much more than that. The team works behind the scenes for months, and it’s amazing when everything starts to come together, but for us, it really starts when you, our athletes arrive. Energy is breathed into the site, and it all comes to life. Even before the racing starts, the weekend kicks off in the specially built event village. With opportunities to explore the course (no touching though), and to meet friends old and new in the OCR community, getting the blood flowing ready for a weekend of adrenaline, triumphs, and possibly tears. 2019 innovative changes 2019 sees a host of innovative changes, not least the introduction of a fifth event; the 100m sprint, powered by Urban-Sky. With competitive waves throughout the weekend and spectacular supporter integration, the 100m sprint offers a new challenge to athletes, and a unique format of OCR entertainment. Enlisting the specialist technical obstacle building knowledge of European based Urban-Sky, the 100m course will pack a punch in a short distance, bringing to the fore a new and different type of obstacle course racer. The three days of racing offers opportunities to all athletes. If you’re more of a workhorse than a sprinter, then the classic 15km with over 75 obstacles could be more your style, but with other events including the open 7km, the 3 person team relay event, and the 3km, with competitive waves from elite through to journeyman, there really is something for everybody. Partnering with Nuclear Races has created a unique racing opportunity; two brands full of innovation and daring, the 2019 event is packed with exciting and sometimes outright bizarre obstacles. Don’t miss Whether this is your first or sixth OCRWCs, we expect you’ll be approaching it with the same level of excitement and trepidation Photo credit of Harm Dommisse Photo credit of Harm Dommisse