Obstacle Mud Runner - issue 12

01732 452404 ForEliteAtheletes toFunRunners 23 RACE : REVIEW We really enjoyed the Tough Mudder Urban 5k. Is the UK a guinea pig to trial this sort of event before it is rolled out across other countries? At the moment, the urban format is exclusive to the UK, so attend them whilst you can. Who do you see as your main competition as a brand? I don’t believe the OCR industry necessarily competes with itself for new customers. Tough Mudder isn’t a race and as such, what we’re offering is an awesome, unconventional experience. Our main focus is convincing new customers to choose Tough Mudder (or OCR more widely) over other sporting events, music festivals, cultural experiences etc. – which we believe they absolutely should. If we were focused on growing our share of the racing circuit, then we would be looking to the likes of Nuclear Races & Spartan or several others, all of whom are doing some really exciting stuff in this space. Could you ever see any sort of collaboration with another brand in the future? Tough Mudder are ALWAYS open to new ideas and opportunities. With obstacle racing starting as a ‘fun hobby’ it has somewhat exploded in popularity over the years and is fast on its way to becoming a recognised sport. Do you think it deserves this recognition or should it remain a hobby? I’m really pleased to see OCR receiving greater visibility and would welcome formal recognition as a sport – which it deserves. I’m continually impressed by the calibre of athlete, level of training and strong community which has built up within OCR. That said, Tough Mudder is fundamentally about something different – unconventional experiences in an environment which allows individuals to challenge themselves, feel the power of team support and build the courage to conquer personal obstacles. We’re proud that we’ve made this experience accessible to all. OCR – does Tough Mudder class itself as an Obstacle Course RACE or an Obstacle Course RUN? Within the confines of that acronym, it’s definitely a run. However, I have heard it said that running is a great way to ruin an obstacle course – makes the banter more difficult. We want people to have the best experience possible, and for some that means running, but for others approach is completely different and we believe that diversity enriches our community. toughmudder.co.uk Tough Mudder is fundamentally about something different – unconventional experiences