Obstacle Mud Runner - issue 12

obstaclemudrunner.co.uk ForEliteAtheletes toFunRunners 22 RACE : REVIEW OMRM gets nosey... Tough Mudder Urban 5k We went along and were lucky enough to steal Giles Chater for an hour. Giles is the Managing Director of Tough Mudder, Europeand we felt honoured to be able to chat to him. We basically wanted to be nosey and find out all the juicy bits about what Tough Mudder are up to this year. We asked what new plans there were for 2019/2020? Giles explained that Tough Mudder have been working hard to offer new and exciting obstacles for this season, 10 in total. We here at Obstacle Mud Runner HQ are really excited to see these.  Obviously, Tough Mudder is MASSIVE on team work so you’ll have to grab your mates and drag them along to experience it with you. About 40% of Tough Mudder attendees are repeat visitors. With this in mind they will be offering obstacles with varying levels of difficult as they recognise that ‘one size doesn’t fit all’, I can’t wait to try some of their ‘level up’ lanes later in the year. So that’s a teeny tiny insight, we couldn’t possibly give any more surprises away. You’ll have to find out for yourselves. Obstacle Mud Runner Magazine are passionate about getting new people to try our sport, how are you going to do that too? We’re working hard to remove some of the more traditional barriers. Our Tough Mudder 5k Urban events offer an accessible distance, in locations well served by public transport and include all the fun/ challenge without some of the traditional fear elements, such as ice or electricity. We also believe people are more likely to try a new activity with friends, or as part of a team. The fact that 97% of our runners run as a team, with an average team size of 5, is a testament to the culture of teamwork and camaraderie our events are famous for. Any plans to become involved in the OCR World Championships? Quite simply, no. Tough Mudder is not a race, but a challenge, and our focus remains on building the team work, fun, and personal accomplishment (everyone’s best is different), which supports this unique experience. Quite the opposite of most other qualifying races. Tough Mudder is not a race, but a challenge, and our focus remains on building the team work 2019 Season Launch at Finsbury Park – London