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First and foremost I hope you’ve all been keeping safe and well. Time with loved ones has been truly appreciated here at OMRHQ. Social distancing actually isn’t that difficult so we hope you’ve been respecting the rules and enjoying time with friends and family now that we’re allowed to.

Happy 4th Birthday to us!!
 We are absolutely thrilled to be celebrating our 4th year.

OMRM was born after a chat in a pub over a glass of wine. With the help of some great contributing editors and some humbling support from the industry, the first issue was published back in 2016, and the rest, they say, is history.

We personally hand picked a fantastic race team and we couldn’t be more proud of each and every one of them. We’ve picked up some pretty fabulous sponsors along the way too and we are incredibly grateful to have the support from those and from all of you fun mud loving lot.

Lockdown hasn’t been much fun in the racing sense has it?

ha haI think we all have race blues with so many events cancelled across the globe. We’ve been keeping an eye on you though and we’re so happy to see so many of you smashing out amazing challenges, and quite honestly the TikTok vids are off the scale.

Am I wrong to say it’s actually been quite a nice ‘no pressure training’ period?
Or is that me making the most of a bad situation?

There are so many free online exercise opportunities and challenges out there, I hope you’ve found one that suits you and you’re smashing out those daily workouts. Whether it’s Joe Wicks PE lessons, hardcore Hyrox or @Hence_stacks competitions, keeping moving is absolutely crucial in staying healthy. The lockdown pub still opens at weekend here but Monday thru Saturday we’re keeping the whole family moving.

Well, the show must go on and we’re crossing everything in the hope that we get to do at least some races this year. If you’re not already using @OCRBuddy then download their app. Email them asking them to upgrade your version and they’ll do that FOR FREE. OCRBuddy are keeping all rescheduled races up to date so all we have to do is click a few buttons, they do all the research for you.

OCR racers – please tell us about your epic achievements throughout Lockdown and we’ll try and share your story.

RD’s – If you’d like your race to feature next time, email us with details.

Finally, as rules start to relax a little, we hope to see some form of normal heading our way soon, but for now, and in the words of BJ...

Stay Alert, Control The Virus, Save Lives

Much Love


Obstacle Mud Runner is 4 Years Old
Spartan @spartanraceuk pro team are taking it in turns to put Mr Spartan himself Joe D-S through his paces in live workouts, be sure to follow them on Facebook and Instagram or why not sign up to “Unbreakable”. www.spartanrace.uk for more details on that.
Manuka @manukasport Have you tried these instead of your usual gels? Each sachet contains a blend of carbohydrates and electrolytes in order to deliver hydration and energy during exercise. Their newest flavour is Honey Berry! www.manukasport.com
Tough Mudder @tough_mudder are now offering a Flex Ticket for 2020 and 2021. No commitment, just decide the day before. www.toughmudder.co.uk
Subsports @subsports are still offering “everything £10” during lockdown, up until 31 July 2020 and only while stocks last.  www.subsports.co.uk
Nuclear races @nuclearraces - voted the UK’s best. “Rush" postponed until October 2020. November “Fallout” postponed until Feb 2021. Fingers crossed for the “Summer Party and Blast/Blackout” follow them on social media for details. www.nuclear-races.co.uk
Start Fitness @startfitness for all your sporting needs including lots of your favourite brands. OMR10 will also bag you 10% off all More Mile and other selected products. www.startfitness.co.uk
Akuma @akuma have been superheroes and turned their factory from sportswear specialist manufacturers to creating PPE for the NHS. www.akumasports.com
Kitbrix @kitbrix The PoKit Day Pack is the perfect lightweight backpack for all your adventures. With a roll down top you can alter the size to suit its contents. www.kitbrix.co.uk
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