Obstacle Mud Runner - issue 15

20 Non-cannabis CBD FUEL: PERFORMANCE Is this the next generation, high-performance formula you’ve been looking for? Suitable for any active person carrying an injury or niggle. Bringing Biosportart 2000mg CBD Gel to market has been a fourteen-month journey. UK and EU regulations around CBD have evolved at a haphazard pace, to the degree that most large companies are still wary of bringing quality products to market. Consequently, the UK CBD market is a sea of brands, some of them excellent, grounded by strong ethical people, while others are obviously operating illegally and out to make a fast pound. As a company of active sports people (a serious amateur cyclist, a once semi-professional footballer and now amateur triathlete, and a very injury prone CrossFitter) we had dabbled in CBD ourselves and had experienced some amazing results at times, but were often doubtful of the quality and legality of all the products we purchased. It is still common to see a mere 50mg or 100mg of CBD in topical cream – and it is no exaggeration to say that the only possible effect of such a concentration is to take your money. Biosportart 2000mg CBD Gel contains 2,000 milligrams of CBD in a 56mL bottle – 2x to 10x stronger than the competition We formed Biosportart because we saw the opportunity to deliver a new quality of product. We would focus on a small range of products, with unmatched purity and concentration. We would build a company that would push the envelope in terms of CBD content but would be deeply conservative in terms of compliance. We would cut through all the cannabis / hemp pseudo-science and base our formulations on scientific consensus. We would comply with EU regulations and employ independent labs for compliance and safety assessments.