Obstacle Mud Runner - issue 21

9 REVIEW : BROOKS Brooks Cascadia When it comes to trail running shoes, I can highly recommend these Cascadia trail running shoes. I’ve been testing them for 3 months and they have become a firm favourite. I’ve worn them on trail runs, hikes, dog walks, active days out and outdoor bootcamps. Brooks are a leading brand in the running industry, they’ve been manufacturing running shoes since 1997. The Cascadia series is specifically designed to provide excellent performance and protection on rugged terrains, making them suitable for trail running and offroad adventures. Here are some key features and characteristics of Brooks Cascadia trainers: q Durable Construction: Brooks Cascadia trainers are known for their durability and ruggedness. They are built to withstand the demands of trail running, featuring reinforced uppers, durable outsoles, and protective overlays that guard against debris and rocks. w Traction and Grip: These shoes are equipped with aggressive and multidirectional lug patterns on the outsole. This design provides exceptional traction and grip on various surfaces, including loose dirt, rocks, mud, and wet terrain, allowing runners to maintain stability and control. e Cushioning and Comfort: Cascadia trainers incorporate ample cushioning to enhance comfort during long runs. They typically feature responsive midsoles with technologies like Brooks’ BioMoGo DNA foam, which adapts to the runner’s stride and provides a cushioned yet springy feel. r Protective Features: The Cascadia line prioritizes foot protection, they feature Ballistic Rock Shield in the midsole to shield the foot from sharp objects, rocks, and uneven surfaces. t Fit and Support: Brooks offer a variety of sizing options and widths to accommodate different foot shapes. Cascadia trainers generally provide a secure and supportive fit, with features like padded collars, gusseted tongues, and lacing systems that allow for customized adjustments. The toe box is roomy and I’d say they fit quite wide. I’m a size 7 and go for a 7.5 in trail shoes. 6 Breathability: Although trail running shoes prioritize durability and protection, breathability is still essential for comfort during long runs. Brooks Cascadia trainers incorporate breathable mesh uppers and strategic ventilation to promote airflow and help manage moisture. It’s worth also noting that Brooks offer a money back guarantee if you’re not happy with their products so you’ve nothing to lose. https://www.brooksrunning.com << Watch Brooks Cascadia style Video credits http://freemusicarchive.org/music/Juanitos/ Exotica/juanitos_-_01_-_octopussy http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0/fr/