Obstacle Mud Runner - issue 17

6 YOU need OCR and OCR needs YOU. March 2020. Sadly, for so many of us, the pause button was abruptly pressed on everyday life and our usual weekend antics ceased play with immediate effect. Fast forward to now. Where are we at? We’re 80% back to normal but there’s still something missing. You! The Covid-19 pandemic has had an awful lot to answer for. During that time a lot of us took to home workouts and let’s be honest it was a perfect time to try something new whilst racing was at a complete stop. Lots of us have also continued with our new-found alternative training that so brilliantly filled a void, BUT, OCR needs us. It’s time to put the love back into Obstacle Course Racing. In the last few years, we’ve watched race entries decline in numbers so drastically that it is no longer viable for some events to go ahead and whilst we all may wish to book our year ahead, it’s completely understandable why some people are hesitant. However, we need you to have faith and help put the trust back into our sport. Without prior booking and guaranteed attendees, races simply cannot happen. So please, don’t ponder too long, book that race you’ve been keeping your eye on before it really is too late. We’ve lost many great events over the last few years so please help to stop any more from going. It really doesn’t matter whether an event is large or small, without the numbers crunching in all the right places, they will not survive. So please, I ask again, book it and why not encourage a friend to try too, they might find it’s what they’ve been missing in life. RACE See you in the mud soon!