Obstacle Mud Runner - issue 17

JUNE 2022 JULY 2022 SEPTEMBER 2022 AUGUST 2022 OCTOBER 2022 SEPTEMBER 2022 03: Farmyard Jam Ultra, Ashbourne 04: Color Obstacle Rush, Sheffield 04-05: Summer Wolf, Leicestershire 05: Mud Monsters Ninjas, Kids Run, 35km in a Day (postponed from 6/7/20) (Triple Dipped Challenge) East Grinstead 05: Wolf Run Junior, Leicestershire 11: Color Obstacle Rush, Newcastle 11-12: Gelt Gladiator, Brampton 11: Inflatable 5k, Bristol 11: Pretty Muddy 5K, Kids, Preston 11-12: Spartan Wales SPARTAN TRIFECTA WEEKEND 2022 Ultra/Beast/Kids 11-12: The Little Welly, Henley-on-Thames 18: Color Obstacle Rush, Nottingham 18: Inflatable 5k, York 18: Quarry Events: The Longest Day, Hounslow 24-26: Total Warrior Half/Original, Wetherby 25: Tatton Park Pretty Muddy 5K,/Kids, Cheshire 25: Color Obstacle Rush, Wolverhampton 25-26: Junior Warrior, Wetherby 26: Ultra Warrior, Wetherby 02: Color Obstacle Rush, Cardiff 02: Inflatable 5k Motherwell, Glasgow 02-03: Tough Mudder 5k, 10k, 15k, Infinity, Kids, Scotland 03: Hull Pretty Muddy 5K, Kids 03: Superhuman Sports OCR, Bristol 08-09: Inflatable 5k Ipswich 09: Color Obstacle Rush, Liverpool 15: SPARTAN Midlands, 12 Hour Hurricane Heat, Market Harborough 16: Color Obstacle Rush, Glasgow 16: Manchester Pretty Muddy, 5K, Kids 16: Warrior Mud Run, Gloucester 16: SPARTAN Midlands 4 Hour Hurricane Heat, Beast/Kids, Market Harborough 17: SPARTAN Midlands SPARTAN Super 10K, Sprint 5K, Kids, Market Harborough 17: Forest Warrior Obstacle Run, Gloucester 17: Plymouth Pretty Muddy 5K, Kids 23: Color Obstacle Rush, Bristol 30: Inflatable 5k Leeds / West Yorkshire 30-31: Tough Mudder Infinity, 15k, 10k, 5k, Lidl Mudder, Yorkshire 05: Inflatable 5k, Goodwood 06: Mudnificent 7, Coventry 06: Beach Ballistic OCR 32k, 16k and 16k Team Event, Aberdeen 07: Beach Ballistic OCR 8k and 8k Team Event, Aberdeen 20: Tough Mudder South West,15k, 5k, Lidl Mudder, Badminton 21: Tough Mudder South West, 10k, 5k, Lidl Mudder, Badminton 27: Overload Run, Ashbourne 02-03: Inflatable 5k, Hertfordshire 03: X Adventure Race, Norwich 03-04: Summer Nuts, The Nuts Challenge, Dorking 03-04: Autumn Wolf, Warwickshire 04: Wolf Run Junior, Warwickshire 10: Europe’s Toughest Mudder, Badminton 10: Inflatable 5k, Stratford upon Avon 10: Nuclear Blackout, Blast, Oblivion Maxx, Rookies, Brentwood 10-11: Tough Mudder North West, Infinity, 15k, 10k, 5k, Lidl Mudder 17: Born Survivor, Ribble Valley District 24: Inflatable 5k, Bournemouth 24-25: Tough Mudder London Infinity, 15k, 5k, Lidl Mudder 01: Inflatable 5k, Stafford 01: Only the Brave, Thetford 07: SPARTAN London South East, SPARTAN HH12HR Trifecta Weekend 08: SPARTAN London South East, SPARTAN Ultra/Beast/HH/Kids, Trifecta Weekend, Pippingford Park Manor 08- 09: Spartan Race European Championship 2022 (placeholder), Pippingford Park Manor 09: SPARTAN London South East SPARTAN Super/ Sprint/Kids Trifecta Weekend, Pippingford Park Manor 09: Boss Hog and Whole Hog, Woodbridge 09: Eastnor Castle Mud Bath 15: Commando at Hever Castle, Hever 16: Battle of Lansdown, Bristol 17: Commando at Hever Castle, Hever Diary Dates 33 PLAY: DIARY DATES Diary Dates provided by OCR Buddy ocrbuddy.com