Obstacle Mud Runner - issue 17

31 SHOP FROM HOME CLICK TO SHOP CLICK TO SHOP Wall Ball (Perfect for Hyrox training) For Quadriceps Glutes and Fitness exercises for Men and Women. Ideal for combining throwing and catching into your HIIT workouts. Various weight options Weighted Power Training Sandbag with Handles (Perfect for Hyrox training) Five exterior handles on sides and ends allow for a variety of training styles. Durable PVC outer with reinforced stitching and extra strong, hidden zipper. CLICK TO SHOP DRYROBE CLICK TO SHOP CLICK TO SHOP LADIES CLICK TO SHOP MEN Get Changed. Get Warm. Get Dryrobe. Stay Warm and Dry – Windproof Waterproof Long & Short Sleeve • Easy to slide on or off with unrestricted freedom to stretch, warm up and stay warm. Gallant Cast Iron Kettlebells Ideal for Full Body Workout – Weight Fitness, Home Exercise and Gym Equipment – Suitable for Men and Women Theragun Mini All-New 4th Generation Percussive Therapy Deep Tissue Muscle Treatment Massage Gun 150-MIN. BATTERY LIFE - With up to 150 min. of sustained run time, mini sets the standard for true portability and is there for you right when you need it (Perfect for Hyrox ladies) (Perfect for Hyrox men) As an Amazon Associate OMR earns from qualifying purchases