Obstacle Mud Runner - issue 17

FUEL : VOOM 20 During The Lemon & Lime Electro Energy is the go-to bar for sustained energy during prolonged exercise. With twice the energy of a gel the Electro Energy has 40g of carbohydrates per bar and 100mg of electrolytes to aid hydration. Wherever your activity takes you this portable bar is easy to use with four bite-sized chunks – go stronger for longer! The Caffeine Kick is the perfect not so secret weapon for when fatigue sets in or a difficult part of the course looms. With 175mg of caffeine and 100mg of taurine this bar gives a mental and physical lift to get you home from a long ride or up a tough climb. The four chunks mean you can dose your energy and caffeine level. Get going and get home! Endurance When extra staying power is needed the Beetroot range of endurance bars hit the spot. The naturally occurring dietary nitrates in beetroot boost performance by aiding arterial blood flow. Additionally, a range of energy sources offer both fast-acting and slower release carbs plus healthy MCTs (medium chain triglycerides) from coconut oil, further boosting endurance and keeping you fuelled. It’s an ideal product for marathon and ultramarathon, climbing, hiking, long days on the bike or even multi day events. First to launch in this range, the Raspberry and Beetroot bar, has already been awarded a Great Taste award – not only does it give you energy and aid performance, it is delicious too! Also in the pipeline are new and exciting flavours to please the palate throughout your day. Post Workout & Recovery VOOM have your recovery ritual covered with a choice of products to help you recover faster... Perhaps one of the best tasting protein bars out there, VOOM Recover Fudge, makes recovery on the go super-easy. With 10g of whey isolate it aids muscle repair and a 3:1 ratio of carbs to protein replenishes your glycogen stores. The 3:1 ratio is optimal for the fastest recovery and consuming both macronutrients together enhances uptake of each. VOOM’s Rapid Recovery shake, delicious Belgian Chocolate and Vanilla flavour, offers 19g of protein per serving as well as carbs to replenish the body’s glycogen stores after exercise. The inclusion of AstraGin® speeds up macronutrient absorption by up to 40% making this one of the fastest (and tastiest) ways to recover. Hydration To ensure your hydration is on point VOOM’s Hydrate Smart, a hypotonic and nootropic electrolyte drink is perfect. With 460mg of full-spectrum electrolytes per serving it can hydrate up to 40% quicker than water alone. It replaces salt losses in a ratio designed to match those lost in sweat. Again, stomach comfort is key, faster absorption from the stomach reduces the time the drink is in your stomach and therefore the risk of bloating or stomach upset. The light, refreshing Lemon & Lime flavour encourages voluntary drinking to further aid hydration. Visit www.voomnutrition.co.uk/products/energy-bartaster-pack and try their FREE taster pack to choose your favourites. ...continued