Obstacle Mud Runner - issue 14

38 PLAY: PRINT 6 Do you really need a printer? In reality, most of us do. Sure, the printer at work or at school suffices for the odd personal printout, but often you’ll find yourself in situations where having a printer at home could have saved you time, made life easier or inspired you It’s not just a case of buying any printer, though. What you need depends on who you are. THE ARTISTIC INFLUENCER Wherever you go, your surroundings inspire you and you’re always the first to spot a cool photo op, which you’re quick to share on social media. But even if you upload the majority of your images to sharing sites, having a printer would give you a much more tangible way to preserve your ideas long after they’ve disappeared at the bottom of your followers’ social media feeds. The compact SELPHY CP1300 fits into your bag and creates fast, long-lasting prints. All you have to do is take a photograph with your smartphone or Wi-Fi enabled camera and send it to your SELPHY, which will instantly print your images up to 102x152mm (4x6 inches) and let your best projects inspire you and others in a new way. THE YOUNG MUM AND DAD The school years is when your child’s creativity kicks into gear. As a parent, you’ll be keen to keep your children creatively stimulated and prepared for all the challenges awaiting them in the new term. You’ll need a printer that is easy to use for regular assignment print-outs, but still offers an array of creative options, too. The Canon PIXMA TS9550 is a compact, A3-capable printer with A4-scanner and copier featuring a large 10.8cm touchscreen with an intuitive interface that even young children can navigate. Explore a range of creative printing options and use different media, including Canon’s magnetic and re-stickable photo paper. With a nail sticker app for iOS and Android, you can even print customised nail stickers. THE PHOTOGRAPHY OFFICIANDO As a keen photo enthusiast, or a photography student, you spend the majority of your time striving to take better pictures. Seeing your work in a tangible format helps you assess and improve it, and you regularly use an online supplier of prints to show your results to your friends and peers. But rather than having to wait for your prints to be delivered, your workflow would be much more flexible if you had your own printer. The key thing to look out for is the ability to produce high-quality borderless images up to A4 size, so you can get a good feel for the intricate details of each individual shot. The type of ink your printer uses is vital in this regard, and genuine Canon inks will ensure vibrant images. The stylish and wirelessly connected Canon PIXMA TS8350 Series uses six individual inks to produce detailed, high-quality prints. Like all the best models on the market, it features seamless connectivity and compatibility with the Canon PRINT app – as well as AirPrint, Mopria for Android and Windows 10 Mobile – so you can easily print from a smartphone or tablet. Written by Oliver Atwell for Canon