Obstacle Mud Runner - issue 14

NAMIBIA RACE TO THE WRECK 32 Are you prepared to look in the mirror? The end of the season often provides a great opportunity to look back on the year that’s been, and set a course you can more positively get behind, with knowledge and clarity around what’s driving you to go in the direction you choose. You may have experienced the race or season of your life, or things have routinely not gone as planned, either in preparation for or execution of a race. Either way, if there is one differentiator I have observed that separates the best from the rest – it is their ability to authentically and objectively reflect on what has been that helps direct what will be. To explain this, I’m going to be a little self-indulgent and share with you the richness I received from reflecting on my own journey across the Namib Desert through taking part in Rat Race’s inaugural Race to the Wreck . I’ll also share the technique I used to enable such authentic, objective reflection. Graham Roberts Performance Coach and Behavioural Change Consultant at Ispire Motivational Coaching Ltd, gives us an insight into a world. I think most of us can relate. motivational coaching