Obstacle Mud Runner - issue 14

29 TOP 10 FEMALE 1 Andrea Berquez Obstacle Mud Runner Magazine 2 Nicki Johnson Nuclear Phoenix 3 Josie Nye Elements Elite 4 Laura Heywood Obstacle Mud Runner Magazine 5 Katie Joyce Elements Elite 6 Becky Rendell Nuclear Phoenix 7 Rebecca Miles 8 Rebecca Cohen Team Nuts 9 Emma Kirkwood Team Elements 10 Natasha Mansell Mudstacle Machines TOP 10 MALE 1 Mark Dickson Team Nuts 2 James Burton Nuclear Phoenix 3 Chris Shipley HY OCR 4 Daniel Titcomb Elements Elite 5 Jason Mawlam Rumble Racing OCR 6 Darren Martin Rumble Racing OCR 7 Eddie Lambert Team Nuts 8 Toby Jenkin 9 Rory East 10 Robert Haselgrove Elements Elite TEAM LEAGUE 1 Obstacle Mud Runner Magazine 2 Nuclear Phoenix 3 Mudstacle Machines 4 HY OCR 5 Team Nuts 6 Elements Elite 7 Rumble Racing OCR 8 Cliff Lakes OCR Race Team 9 Mudstacle 10 Relentless OCR 2020 Mudstacle league We’re looking ahead at the 2020 Mudstacle league for this season. Here you can find the 2019 results and the races you need on your calendar for 2020. PLAY: MUDSTACLE Mudstacle TV ORGANISER DATE LOCATION DISTANCE Winter Nuts 4 laps 07 Mar Surrey 28k Winter Nuts 1 lap 07 Mar Surrey 7k Battle of Landsdown 28 Mar Bristol 10k Spartan Race 18 Apr Pippingford Park Beast Spartan Race 19 Apr Pippingford Park Sprint Born Survivor 02 May Manchester 12k Rat Race Dirty Weekend 09 May Burghley House 20 miles Nuclear Rush 16 May Essex 12k Beast Race 30 May Loch Ore 12k Elements infinity 30 May Kent Nuclear Meltdown 20 Jun Essex 24hr Spartan Race 20 Jun Wales Super Total Warrior 27 Jun Leeds 12k Total Warrior 28 Jun Leeds 5 Hr Spartan Race 11 Jul Midlands Super Zeus Races 18 Jul Lancashire 21k Beach Ballistic 01 Aug Aberdeen 16k Beast Race 29 Aug Loch Ness 12k Summer Nuts 4 laps 05 Sep Surrey 21k Summer Nuts 1 lap 05 Sep Surrey 7k Nuclear Blast 12 Sep Essex Nuclear Blackout 12 Sep Essex Born Survivor 19 Sep Lake District 12k Spartan Race 19 Sep Scotland Ultra Spartan Race 20 Sep Scotland Sprint Nuclear Challenge Cup 31 Oct Essex 12k Mudstacle League 2019 Final Standings Mudstacle League 2020 Races Spartan Twickenham Stadion 2019