Obstacle Mud Runner - issue 12

10 obstaclemudrunner.co.uk ForEliteAtheletes toFunRunners NEW : KIT Olympus Tough TG-6 Built to capture any muddy adventure Olympus introduces a new flagship in their Tough compact camera series withstanding all weather conditions, underwater use, drop shocks and crushing weights. The ideal camera to capture your muddy adventures. The new TG-6 features not only Olympus’ acclaimed toughened performance, field sensor system and the ability to capture the smallest details and brightest colors with impressive quality, but further improvements and new features. With many highlights including new underwater modes, more versatile macro photo options as well as a better monitor with improved resolution. This new Tough product is available for all you OCR fanatics. Olympus the biggest name in photography has launched this new and very durable product. Tough performance in any environment: Built for adventure The Tough TG-6 was designed to be a handy, reliable camera, perfect for capturing the rougher parts of photographic life: It is waterproof to a depth of 15m, dustproof, shockproof to 2.1m, crushproof up to 100kg, freezeproof to -10°C, and features a dual- pane protective glass construction for excellent anti- fogging performance. A new attachable lens barrier (LB-T01) adds even more protection from scratches to the lens, the PT-059 underwater casing allows to capture images and movies of up to depths of 45 metres below the surface (both sold separately). Impressive image quality delivered through an ultra- bright lens, high-speed sensor and Olympus’ latest image processor Being equipped with a class-leading F22 zoom lens and a hi-speed back-lit CMOS image sensor that has superb high-sensitivity performance, the TG-6 allows its users to take fantastic photos and video. A new digital teleconverter doubles the zoom factor of the 4x optical zoom for a maximum of 8x zoom. Full-featured underwater shooting modes and large line-up of accessories for system expansion To expand the possibilities of underwater shooting even further, the Tough TG-6 is equipped with five underwater modes, including Underwater Wide, Underwater Snapshot, Underwater Macro, Underwater Microscope, and Underwater HDR. New accessories for Tough system expansion Tough cameras are the base for an expandable photography system with waterproof lenses, protective cases, and an underwater housing for deep dives. All the components are just as rugged as the cameras they were designed for. n PT-059 Underwater Case for capturing movies and stills worry-free at depths up to 45 metres. The camera control dial is operable when the camera is stored in the case for easy exposure compensation control underwater. Two external flash units for underwater photography n CSCH-127 Silicone Jacket protects the surface of the camera body from scratches. It also provides a solid grip on the camera when shooting during winter or water sports. n LB-T01 Lens Barrier for protecting the lens surface against dirt and scratches. The barrier is easily opened/closed by rotating the edge which ensures easy handling even when wearing gloves. n FCON-T02 Fisheye Converter lens for an easy and fast switch between circular fisheye and diagonal fisheye photography. To attach this lens, the CLA-T01 Converter Adapter (sold separately) is required n UC-92 Lithium Ion Battery Charger to fully charge the Tough camera battery LI-92B using an USB port in approx. 2.5 hours. All-new robust Olympus Tough TG-6 compact camera This camera is built to last any OCR event. Fancy owning one? Well, Obstacle Mud Runner has teamed up with Olympus and is offering one lucky reader the chance to get their hands on this ultimate OCR camera. Keep an eye out on our Facebook page for your chance to WIN one absolutely FREE. For a complete list of Tough! TG-6 features & accessories, go to www.olympus.co.uk/tough