Obstacle Mud Runner - issue 11

MONIES RAISED WILL HELP FUND DRYLAND WARM UP core lock SYSTEM WEATHER TECHNOLOGY FULLY TAPED SEAMS STORM FLAP LIGHTWEIGHT VELCRO CUFF LOCK TOUGH OUTER SHELL QUICK RELEASE CORE LOCK SYSTEM FULL LENGTH, 2 WAY, REVERSIBLE YKK ZIP LUXURY, QUICK DRY SHERPA FLEECE ZIPPED SECURITY POCKET As a 3 times World Champion I understand the importance of keeping warm pre and post race. Add the XK SWIMZI to your race day and feel the difference. Perform at your best… whatever your sport, wherever you are in the world. Liam Tancock Swimming World Champion & World Record Holder. The XK CORE LOCK SYSTEM optimises your pre and post race efficiency, helping towards increased performance and a safer, faster recovery. Waterproof, windproof and fully machine washable. Keep the weather out and your warmth in. Sizes: XS JNR / JNR / S / M / L / XL The XK Swimzi technical jacket is fast gaining a reputation as being the best in its category. It brings tangible benefits to athletes across many sports, helping to retain core body temperature and increase blood flow therefore aiding prerace preparation and postrace recovery. swimzi.com